Why Your EDC Strategy May Be Wrong

December 29, 2023 If you follow a lot of survival and self-defense articles, you are bound to see at least one or two on individual everyday carry. The same goes for those who watch the gun guys on YouTube....

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Ganzo Folding Knives (Part 1)

November 2, 2023 Ganzo Folding Knives (Part 1) Innovating Survival Folding Knives I recently did a review of a couple of Ganzo knives. I was pretty impressed with their quality and price, so as a knife...

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November 2, 2023 / Comments (1)

Ganzo Folding Knives (Part 3)

November 1, 2023 Ganzo Folding Knives (Part 3) The Conclusion to Our Three-Part Ganzo Series In Part 1 we looked at the Ganzo G7xx(x) knife line from a high level. In Part 2 we looked at the Axis lock...

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Top Ten Uses for a Survival Knife

October 26, 2023 No matter how prepared you are, it's always good to know how to use your resources in the most effective ways possible. A good survival knife can help you out in a crunch in unexpected...

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Knife Attack Self Defense Myths

October 21, 2023 Learn How to Properly Defend Yourself Against Knife Attack We’ve all seen knife fights in movies and TV shows. The dastardly villain pulls a glistening stiletto, makes some quip...

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Complete Guide to Knife Blades

October 19, 2023 There are tons of different knife blades out there. Each one serves its own unique purpose and is best suited for different tasks. The Complete Guide to Knife Blades Some knives are better...

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SOG Force Fixed Blade Knife Review

October 18, 2023 Considering a SOG Force fixed blade knife? Want to know more about it before you buy? Check out our review below. Product Review – SOG Force Fixed Blade Knife A knife is one of the...

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What is the Best Survival Knife

October 18, 2023 Schrade's SCHF9 is a knife that has captured the attention of many folks in the bushcraft and survival communities over the past few years. Having seen so many YouTube videos of people who...

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Ontario RTAK II Knife Review

October 12, 2023 In previous articles, we discussed choosing a fixed blade survival knife:Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 A knife is one of the more important pieces of equipment you can have with you in a survival...

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October 12, 2023 / Comments (1)

Find the Best Tactical Knife | Survival Gear

October 11, 2023 Tactical knives seem to be everywhere. Just about every prepper website or supply store is selling a tactical knife that they claim is the “best”. But what makes a tactical...

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