Middle School Student Slams Obama: “Call ISIS What It Is”

February 24, 2023 Here's a kid who's not afraid to speak his mind! CJ Pearson, a 12-year-old middle school student from Georgia, believes that Mayor Rudy Giuliani is right. He says Obama doesn't love...

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What Can I Blame On Mr. Obama Today? Oh, Right!

April 22, 2016 Generally speaking, I don't like Mr. Obama… As far as running a country is concerned, I believe he is in the bottom 3 worst presidents we've ever had. I even have a hard time calling...

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Putin is Using Bomb-Sniffing Rats to Fight ISIS

January 4, 2016 Bomb detecting rats could replace sniffer dogs in the battle against terrorism, scientists say. Russian experts claim the rodents could be trained to find explosives – planted,...

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Letter to the editor: Isis is a real threat to the American way of life

November 19, 2015 Below is a letter to the editor from a concerned citizen. Please read what this American has to say, and do with it what you will. My Fellow Americans… We are coming up to a time...

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ISIS Reign of Terror Continues: 90 Christians Kidnapped in Syria

February 25, 2015 The bad news just keeps rolling in from the Middle East… Last week a video was released of 21 Christians being beheaded by ISIS terrorists, and now we've learned that ISIS has...

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