Packing the Essentials: How to Make a Safe Travel Kit

January 1, 2024 Planning a road trip? Don't hit the road without these essential survival items. Read this article to learn what to pack in your safe travel kit. Essential Items for Your Safe Travel...

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First Aid: After The Basics and Before You Need It

December 31, 2023 A few weeks ago, we discussed the essentials of creating a “basic” first aid kit, a foundational step in ensuring your readiness for unforeseen medical emergencies. However, a...

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How To Treat Blisters And Itches Naturally

December 6, 2023 When you find yourself in the middle of nowhere for days, trying to stay alive, there are a lot of things you and your loved ones need to protect yourselves from. You might first think of...

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Cooking On A Budget

October 17, 2023 If you looking for a stove, pot, and other utensils on a budget for your “bug out bag “ (BOB), then you might be interested in some of the items I have been using. I have been...

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Ammunition Shortage Is No April Fools Joke

October 10, 2023 Back in January, I wrote an article expressing just how hard it was for me to find ammunition for the brand-new handgun my wife surprised me with. As much as I wish this was an April Fools...

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Post SHTF Pest Control

October 10, 2023 Pest control may be the last thing on your mind when preparing. However, you need to think about the trouble insects can cause to your stored food. You can have enough food stored to ride...

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Oddball Items that You Should Stock Before SHTF

August 16, 2023 When you make your preps for a long-term survival situation, you want to make sure you cover the basics: Water-  check Food- check Shelter- check Batteries- check Oddball Items that...

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What Is The Real “Startup Cost” of Living Off Grid

August 6, 2023 Everyone always talks about going off grid. Its a novel idea and one that we SHOULD strive for. But what few people ever talk about is exactly how much it will cost you to completely remove...

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Alternative Way of Can Opener

July 3, 2023 Have you ever headed out for a nice weekend of camping only to end up frustrated and hungry because you forgot one little thing—a can opener? Fortunately, there is a little trick...

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Effective Gun Cleaning Techniques For A Happy And Clean Gun

January 16, 2023  A Clean Gun is a Happy Gun As a Prepper, one of our greatest tools besides our mind is our firearms.  It can defend our property and loved ones from bad guys. It can put food on...

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