12 Rainwater Collection Tips

June 23, 2016 Why is it important to learn rainwater collection methods? Living in such a modern world nowadays, most people don't worry about much at all. They can mostly get what they need at home with...

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June 23, 2016 / Comments (13)

Do Chemical Water Purification Methods Really Work?

June 3, 2016  Does Chemical Water Purification Work?   Yes, it is able to render polluted water clean. However, while it’s good enough for everyday use (which includes drinking), fresh...

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June 3, 2016 / Comments (5)

The Berkey Water Filter

March 1, 2016 Learn About This Amazing Survival Water Filter During a crisis, what's the first item to disappear off store shelves? Is it bread? Milk? Flashlights? Batteries? It's actually none of the...

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March 1, 2016 / Comments (5)

3 Ways to Purify Water in the Wilderness

January 19, 2016 In the past, we've talked about finding water when lost in the wildnerness. Of course, finding water is only half the battle — after you find it, you have to make sure it's safe to...

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January 19, 2016 / Comments (6)

Make a Water Filter from a Tree Branch

December 11, 2015 If you’ve run out of drinking water during a lakeside camping trip, there’s a simple solution: Break off a branch from the nearest pine tree, peel away the bark, and slowly...

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December 11, 2015 / Comments (2)

Outdoor Survival Water Filtration Techniques

November 24, 2015 Water filtration becomes a challenge when you are out there in the wilderness. Here are some ways to make available water safe for drinking. Outdoor Survival Water Filtration Techniques...

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November 24, 2015 / Comments (23)


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