Choosing The Right Survival Gun for the Job

February 12, 2020 Ask any “gun guy,” and he’ll not only have an opinion, he’ll have the opinion. Ask any “pistol-packing mama,” and she’ll not only offer an answer, she’ll offer the answer....

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Product Review: The AK-47 Chest Rig by Beez Combat Systems

June 4, 2015 The AK47 Chest Rig by Beez Combat Systems offers a lower profile design than the majority of other chest rigs available on the market.  The AK47 Chest Rig by Beez Combat Systems also...

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Training with Airsoft Rifles

April 29, 2015 Every shooter has to start somewhere. If you’re a novice shooter and/or a little apprehensive about getting started with the “real deal” right away, airsoft rifles can be...

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Intro to Firearms

April 27, 2015 When planning for a survival situation, firearms are certainly a consideration.  Which firearms depend on what you want to do with them, the space available, your budget, storage...

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Ammo Reloading for your Guns | Reloading Supplies You'll Need

March 12, 2015 There comes a time when reloading ammo is a much more practical option… When buying new bullets for your gun is out of the question, but buying reloading supplies is. We have an...

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Homemade Weapons Information Inside New Special Report

January 3, 2013 Homemade weapons have been designed and created by survivalists for generations, but acknowledges the fact that they are slowly becoming forgotten. High-powered guns and...

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