Trap For Your Life (Part 9)

October 15, 2023 Part 9: The Two Stick Deadfall As I’ve said before, deadfall traps can be difficult to construct; however, they can be made from all-natural materials. The trap we will be...

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How To Build An Outdoor Shower

October 3, 2023 Knowing how to build an outdoor shower should be a survival skill. Find out why and what your options are! RELATED: How To Properly Pack An Outdoor Toiletry Kit How to Build an Outdoor...

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The Best Campgrounds In Iowa

October 1, 2023 Going cross country? Be sure to drop by the best campgrounds in Iowa and experience one of the best camping in the Midwest! RELATED: Yosemite National Park Camping | Survival Life National...

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ALONE Season 2 Recap: Episode 5

September 21, 2023 ALONE Season 2 Recap Epsidoe 5: “Storm Rising” Episode 4 of alone season ended with Larry enjoying a much-needed meal. He was able to catch four fish in one day. Nicole checks...

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Primitive Navigation Without a Map or Compass

September 12, 2023 What is primitive navigation? Primitive navigation techniques can help you find your way in the wilderness without the help of a map or compass. These are essential skills for any...

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Lost In The Wilderness: How To Signal For Help

September 10, 2023 Lost in the wilderness with no way out? Learn how to signal for help when you've lost your modern means to communication. RELATED: Lost In The Woods 101: What To Do When Lost In The Woods...

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Surviving with Edible Plants

September 9, 2023 Finding Sustenance in the Wild Believe it or not, the wild has a lot of sustenance to offer the human body if no immediate food is available or around. Other than the obvious, such as...

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30 Medicinal Plants That Could Save Your Life

September 4, 2023 Living out in the wild, you’ll come across all kinds of medicinal plants and medicinal herbs that can be used for many different purposes, as long as you know where to look and...

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How To Prevent And Treat Poison Ivy, Oak, And Sumac

September 1, 2023 Learn how to recognize poison ivy, oak, and sumac here so you can avoid them, plus how to treat reactions in case of allergic reaction! RELATED: Wilderness Survival | Ways You Can Be...

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Outdoor Survival Water Filtration Techniques

August 24, 2023 Water filtration becomes a challenge when you are out there in the wilderness. Here are some ways to make the available water safe for drinking. Outdoor Survival Water Filtration Techniques...

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