10 Army Survival Tips to Use in the Zombie Apocalypse

September 27, 2023 Your Zombie Survival Tips, Courtesy of the U.S. Army This post is syndicated. Original publish date: September 28, 2015, on Buzzfeed.com. With a little training, the U.S. Army can give you...

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10 Badass Survival Zombie Weapons Dad Will Love

June 14, 2023 A lot of doomsday preppers want to arm themselves should a zombie apocalypse happen in their lifetime. Okay…so maybe most of us know that a “zombie apocalypse” isn't...

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Survival Hacks: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Flashlight

May 12, 2023 In a “zombie apocalypse” or any other SHTF situation, knowing how to improvise is a vital skill. Being able to take everyday items — even items that might seem like...

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