Teach Your Kids About Guns So They Don't Become A Statistic

More tragedy has struck with the death of a child at the hands of another child. The parents, obviously too ignorant to teach about firearms and/or keep them away from the toddlers who used them, were felons and shouldn't have had the guns to begin with.
My friends, if you have young children in your house, and you're not talking to them about your guns, teaching them the rules and what guns do, you're wrong. If you've got guns and kids under the same roof, or regular visitors, you need to talk to them about it.
There is no age that's too young to start talking to your kids about firearms. This isn't the “sex talk” where you wait until your kid is a horny little, pubescent psychopath.
You need to talk to your child about it now. It doesn't matter if your kid is just two years old …
… if you haven't spoken to him/her about the dangers of improper gun handling yet, you need to, right now, before tragedy strikes your house.

Furthermore, this isn't a one and done talk. Just like anything else you care about, you're going to talk about it multiple times. All three of my kids know the pitfalls of mishandling a gun, and I still quiz them periodically, and talk to them about it.
It's that important.
If you're bad at teaching, or your kids just don't get it, then you need to take other measures to make sure these little people don't hurt someone. I'm sure I'll piss some of you off with this, but I'm serious and I don't really care because I'm also pissed off. If your kid doesn't get it, keep the guns away from them. If that means locking them up, then so be it.
If that means keeping a round out of the chamber so you have to manually pull the slide back if someone breaks into your house, so be it.
If that means switching guns around so that you've got an incredibly long, hard trigger pull that even you can barely manage, so be it.
As the father of three, beautiful little kids, I couldn't imagine one of them getting shot. Especially if there is something I could have done to prevent it. I urge you to start at the beginning and teach your kids about guns.

If they don't get it go down the list and take an extra precaution. Then, make sure you train with that extra precaution so that you're not taken off guard if you ever find someone in your house.
No matter what you decide, keep talking to your kids about your guns. As they get older, they'll get it and will understand the pitfalls more and more.
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