A Knife To A Gun Fight? Win With The Best Tactical Knives

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How do you defend yourself using a knife? The best tactical knives come in different forms, from fixed blades to folding knives. One thing to consider is the size of the blade. You will need the knife to slash or pierce because you're both battling to gain an advantage. The weapon you bring will greatly influence your chances of winning or surviving a fight. And yes, skill is very important yet if paired with a great weapon, it can make you unbeatable. Read on to discover the best knives to use in a combat situation.

Win With The Best Tactical Knives

The idea of trying to develop the world's best tactical knives has been going on for ages. A knife that's light enough for anyone to carry and not extremely overbuilt, but still be able to accomplish most of its task in the field. Knives needed in combat have to be able to go through thick rubber, chop wood, cut through thick rope, and all the things that ordinary knives cannot do. To some extent, it also has to pierce through flesh when needed. If a blade is capable of these tasks, then it sure is capable of piercing or slicing through an opponent in a combat situation. However, if you want to use the blade, what's important is it doesn't fail you, especially if it means survival. Here's a list of the most durable and reliable tactical knives out there.

Hoffman Richter HR-3o Tactical Folding Knife

My personal favorites are the tactical folding knives from Hoffman Richter: The HR-30 and the HR-15. The HR-30 has a titanium-coated steel blade and uses high quality 440C steel. This makes it easy to sharpen the knife and it's very light. The spring-assisted opening allows me to flip the knife open in milliseconds, which is quite impressive. Unlike the HR-15, the HR-30 has a notched blade, which makes it easy for cutting and slicing through the toughest materials. Get the Hoffman Richter HR30 here.

Hoffman Richter HR-15 Tactical Folding Knife

Meet the HR-30's little cousin, the HR-15. The profiles are still the same with the HR-30 – titanium-coated steel blade, high quality 440C steel, and the same spring-assisted mechanism. What makes them different is that the HR-15 has a 300-lb Cord Tie and Glass Breaker. The HR-15 also has a serrated edge near the bottom of the blade, compared to the HR-30's notched blade. Did I mention that it's sharp as hell, too? Get the Hoffman Richter HR-15 here.

Gerber Mark II

The Gerber Mark II is a beautiful little dagger designed by a WWII veteran Captain Bud Holzman.  It has an all aluminum handle with black powder coating.  The knife has serrations on both sides, making it a very powerful and potent thrusting weapon in the right hands.

Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife

Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife | A Knife To A Gun Fight? Win With The Best Tactical Knives

image via Wikimedia Commons

This knife started in World War II and is (arguably) the original survival fighting knife.  The overall length from the back of the handle to the tip of the blade is 11.75 inches, actual blade length of 7 inches that's made of 1095 high carbon steel. Because of its reputation, the Ka-Bar knife became a standard for how outdoor knives should be. I have not known anyone who has turned down a Ka-Bar knife for any other brand.

Gerber Strong Arm

This tactical knife is a fusion of the Gerber LMF II and the Gerber Prodigy.  The Gerber Strong Arm has a blade length of 4.8 inches that uses 420hc stainless steel that has excellent resistance to rust.

Spyderco Fred Perrin Street Bowie

The Spyderco Fred Perrin is an outstanding tactical knife, which is extremely lightweight, weighing at 6 ounces.  The blade length is 5 inches made from VG10 steel.  It has a non-reflective ceramic coating and great for tactical situations.

Benchmade Contego

The Benchmade Contego's blade is 3.9 inches long and a tip that can handle a lot of stabbing and piercing. The blade is made of CPM M4 steel, making it rustproof and takes longer to dull. You only need to sharpen this baby a few times. The curvature of the blade makes it powerful when held in a dagger grip, so you can cut and slash through anything with ease.

Kershaw Emerson CQC

This tactical folding knife has a 3.5 inch blade and an overall length of 8.1 inches.  The main calling card is the CQC (Close Quarters Combat) series that snags in your pocket and then rips the knife open as you withdraw it. The grip is excellent because it fits any hand size, which is a qualm I have for some of the outdoor knives. This doesn't slip or slide through your grip.

SOG Agency

Do you want to go the traditional route in terms of function and aesthetics? SOG Agency is one of the best tactical fixed blades and is your best bet.  It weights about 10 ounces and 7.5 inch long blade made of AUS 8 steel. Sleek, strong, and efficient, the SOG Agency is a favorite among Special Forces and Navy Seals with its popularity dating back to the Vietnam War. If you have to turn down a Ka-Bar knife away, it better be this knife that you're turning away to.

Watch this video of the SOG Agency tactical fixed blade knife.

So there's your list of the most kickass tactical knives in the business.  These knives have not only been used in the military or for combat reasons, but are also proven to be durable and reliable in camping and survival purposes.  I'm not an expert in close quarters combat or knife fighting, yet these amazing blades sure look reliable to me.

A Knife To A Gun Fight? Win With The Best Tactical Knives

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A Knife To A Gun Fight? Win With The Best Tactical Knives

  1. Timothy Toroian says:

    Cold Steel SRK? Trailmaster? TM is a bit big but chops nicely. The SRK is great size and handy. Mine got a bit dull. Was hard to but an edge on because a file would slide off. Finally got a good diamond role and an OLD Crock stick, which are harder than what is now available. By old I mean late 70s. You won’t find any new old stock.

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