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Are you struggling to land accurate shots when hunting at night? Try using a thermal scope. Yes, lantern flashlights provide excellent illumination, but thermal scopes take your game to the next level with modern, high-end infrared technology. See the best options on the market this 2021.

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9 Best Thermal Scopes in 2021 for Hunting After Sundown

1. N-Vision Optics Halo-LR

bolt action rifle with night vision optics | thermal scope amazon

Price: $7,500

The Halo-LR is one of the most newly released thermal optics from N-Vision Optics. It has a far-reaching detection range of  2,000 yards, durable IPX6 water resistance, and crystal-clear resolution of 640×480 pixels.

Among the Halo-LR’s several impressive features, however, its refresh rate stands out the most. While other thermal rifle optics on the market have a refresh rate of around 30Hz to 50Hz, this piece offers a whopping 60Hz.


More simply put, these optics generate new images 60 times per second. Compare them side by side with any other scope you have, and you will notice the difference in image quality. 60Hz allows you to see every movement that your target makes.

2. Trijicon REAP-IR Series

Thermal rifle scope for shooting | best thermal scopes

Price: $7,000

The REAP-IR from Trijicon ranks among the most widely known thermal optics for sale today. It features Generation 3 NV technology, a 450-yard detection range, and extremely durable IPX7 water resistance.

These specs are impressive, but the REAP-IR became a cult favorite for its 640×480 12 Micron core resolution. At the time of its release, no other thermal scope could match up to this resolution. It became one of the best industry-leading optics, making competitor scopes look grainy and blurry.

3. ATN ThOR 4 Smart Thermal Rifle Scope

semi-automatic rifle, AR-10 | thermal scope

Price: $3,500

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While most of the best thermal scopes rely on resolution or refresh rates to provide clear-cut images, the ThOR 4 does not.

This piece utilizes one of the most advanced infrared technologies available. Its heightened sensitivity to heat paired with its high-quality dual-processor produces clear, razor-sharp images.

Furthermore, these optics have built-in recording features. Document your entire hunting session so that you can review and analyze your performance once you get home. Remember: practice makes perfect.

Considering that these optics offer an extensive range of features, you might assume that it costs a fortune. However, it doesn’t. On the contrary, the Thor 4 is one of the most affordable thermal vision optics on our list.

4. Pulsar Trail XP50

night vision optics, thermal imager | thermal optics

Price: $4,500+

Advanced, high-end thermal scopes offer extensive features that will make hunting sessions overall more exciting and convenient. However, not everyone can utilize this technology. First-timers might find the sheer number of configurations and specifications confusing.

If you need an uncomplicated scope, try the Pulsar Trail XP50. It is a mid-range thermal optic equipped with a super simple platform, which most hunters can use without any prior training. Just mount the piece on your rifle, and you’re ready to go!

5. Sig Sauer Echo 1

Sniper rifle lies on a wooden background | thermal optics plus

Price: $1,500

Are the optics on this list too pricey? For competitively priced yet reliable thermal scopes, try the Echo 1. Despite their affordable price tag, they offer excellent reliability. You can rest assured knowing that these scopes come from a reliable household brand—Sig Sauer.

The Echo 1 doesn’t offer the latest in infrared technology, of course. However, it has an impressive 206×156 pixel resolution, 50Hz refresh rate, and 300-yard detection range. Clear, accurate images are guaranteed.

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6. IR Defense IR Hunter Mark II 640

Sniper gun | thermal hunting optics

Price: $6,000+

Is your thermal scope having trouble keeping up with small to medium-sized prey that keeps bouncing around? Try the IR Defense IR Hunter Mark II 640.

This piece excels in small-game hunting. It has an excellent 640 x 840 resolution, 1,350-yard detection range, and six intelligent receptacle options—all of which allow shooters to track small, fast critters.

You can use these on any target. However, if you want to utilize its unique set of features, go for fast-moving, mid-sized prey like rabbits or hogs.

7. Trijicon Teo Snipe-IR

Wildlife Hunting. Camouflaged Hunter | best thermal optics

Price: $10,000

While thermal scopes make for accurate shots, they make your rifle bulky and heavy. Hunters might have trouble moving around and tracking their targets if these pieces weigh more than a few dozen pounds.

For compact, portable optics, try the Trijicon Teo Snipe-IR. It has a light, easy-to-mount frame that allows hunters to walk around for hours on end without hurting their arms.

Furthermore, these optics have the no-shot zero function and thumbstick control. Combining these two features streamlines the scoping process, thus helping you fire accurate shots quickly and effectively.

8. FLIR Scout TK Pocket-Sized Thermal Monocular

Hunting rifle with collimator sight | thermal vision optics

Price: $500+

The FLIR Scout TK Pocket-Sized Thermal Monocular is perhaps the most accessible thermal optic on this list. Most stores sell these optics for about $500 to $1,000.

Despite its low price, the Scout TK still offers a reasonable, practical set of features. It has a detection range of 100 yards, a refresh rate of 9Hz, and a resolution of 160×120 pixels.

 9. FLIR Predator 336 Armasight

A shooter sighting in the target | thermal rifle optics

Price: $2,000

For shooters who want affordable thermal scopes that don’t sacrifice quality, check out the FLIR Predator 336 Armasight. Admittedly, this piece offers far better specs than the other  sub-$2,000 optics on the market.

With a resolution of 336×256 pixels, a refresh rate of 60Hz, a detection range of 600 yards, plus IPX6-grade water resistance, these optics can definitely match up to its pricier alternatives.

Check out this video by Lone Star Boars where they do a video demonstration of their top thermal scopes for 2021:

While most of these thermal scopes cost well over four digits, the quality they offer provides excellent value for every penny you pay. Avoid cheap, low-end options from off-brand manufacturers. Trust us—using low-quality infrared technology to hunt in the dark will only compromise your safety.

For a more fruitful, bounteous hunting session, go in small groups. Nocturnal animals have excellent senses, so they’ll definitely spot loud, noisy hunters carrying multiple bright lamps right away. Utilize infrared optics to sneak up on your prey.

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