This Video Devastates Any Gun Control Argument

Here's a 20/20 video study from a couple of years ago that shows just how well gun-control works.
Well, in fact, gun-control doesn't work as the video points out. According to the video, crime went up in the District of Columbia after they banned guns, as the rates went down in the rest of the country.
Taking it a step further, they even interviewed a few career felons who admitted that they fear an armed civilian more than a police officer. And, get this, they're not even concerned about “no gun” policies. They just won't follow the rules. After all, they do make a living hurting others and breaking the rules.
So, why would they follow a “gun free zone” policy?
It's been proven, guns save lives:
An older couple in the video stated that a gun saved their lives during a break in where the gentleman was being attacked, and that having a gun “changed the balance of power.” He said that, when the criminals saw his wife approach with a gun, they ran in the other direction. Please note, they didn't walk—they ran, fast.
An argument for guns at college:
Finally, some of the students from Virginia Tech said that if they were armed, they would have been able to help stop the shooter to prevent so many lives from being taken at that infamous mass-shooting.
Then the video makes reference to a similar situation at a different school, which is named in the video. And, in that situation, two students were able to retrieve their firearms and help get an active shooter under control until police arrived.
I strongly urge you to watch it, even if you've already seen it. Share it with your friends, because our beloved Second Amendment is constantly being attacked and we need to make the facts, like what is presented in this video, known to the world at large:

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This Video Devastates Any Gun Control Argument

  1. Lauren says:

    I love John Stossel! And I really liked the last part where the guy said, if someone broke into your house, would you rather have a gun or a phone? It’s nice seeing the other side of the argument. Owning a firearm really does make you feel safer. It’s just another line of defense and protection.

  2. Wynn says:

    “Does it prove what we’ve known to be true all along?”
    ABSO FREAKING LUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. James vC says:

    If I may be so bold as to offer my humble thought / opinion ; In the future , if there is to be a future for us as a nation , the next politician or government official that acts outside of , or tries to bypass , ignore or suppress our Constitution , Amendments or Bill of Rights OR ANY PART OF THE PRECEDING , should be _IMMEDIATELY_ removed from office and be charged with a crime against the People of The United States. We cannot tolerate another wannabe like 0bama in our government.

  4. Roger Manchester says:

    All gun owners need to get togoether and file a law suit against them challenging their privilage to drive a car. Ours is a right, theirs is a privilage.

  5. Dwight H. Slocum SR. says:

    Always have in reach, Always Loaded, Always be ready where ever you are,I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, (Korean War Vet).

  6. Trouble the cat says:


  7. TooLateNow says:

    I believe in “Gun Control.” A good Weaver stance; both hands firmly, but gently holding the gun with you thumbs forming a “baby’s butt;” a excellent sight picture or the target; and gently squeeze the trigger.

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