Top 5 Best Tikka Rifles For Hunting 2021

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Are you in the market for a hunting rifle? Tikka rifles are classified as budget-class rifles, which are versatile, accurate, and boasts excellent trigger!

This roundup of the best tikka rifles in the market will surely help you get the best one for your needs.

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5 Best Tikka Rifles Every Hunter Needs to Invest in for 2021 Hunting

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1. Tikka T3X Super Varmint

The new tikka t3x super varmint comes with an updated barreled action that features a cerakote-finished stock. This gives you exceptional durability and weather resistance in any weather. This rough tech stock offers the perfect grip, while the wider forend provides maximum support when shooting if you do not use a bipod.

That's not all. It features an adjustable cheekpiece that comes in handy when using a high magnifying scope. In addition, the receiver also features a Picatinny rail, making the Tikka T3X Super Varmint easy to use with most optic-mounting systems. The fluting and an oversized knob on the bolt guarantee great operation.

Lastly, the T3X Super Varmint comes with a two-stage trigger ideal for taking accurate shots. As a result, you feel less recoil due to the heavy barrel, a suppressor, and of course, the two-stage trigger.


  • You can get this tikka rifle in five-round magazines
  • Its vertical grip makes the rifle ideal for shooting from a prone position

2. Tikka T3X TACT A1

The Tikka T3X TACT A1 is a superbly accurate long-range precision rifle for a reason. First is the Seiko barrel at the heart of its classic ticker action. It also features a modular chassis making it AR-15 compatible with the option of folding or fixed stock.

What's more, it comes with an extended forend, a full-length Picatinny rail, not to mention a Teflon-coated bolt. The T3X TACT A1 comes with a muzzle brake in addition to the adjustable recoil pad height and cheekpiece.

Like the TRG and the M10, this tikka rifle comes with a dual-stage trigger. This gives you an easy trigger travel up to some extent where it sets. This way, you will only need to use a little pressure to trigger it in your next shot. Don't forget that the double-stack magazine allows you to stack 10-rounds in place of five, which is convenient.

Note: Grip doesn't get better than this piece's soft touch pistol grip.

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3. Tikka T3X Lite Roughtech Ember

The Tikka T3X Lite Roughtech Ember features a stainless steel barreled action with a crisp orange spider webbing on a black background. Besides the outstanding exterior, the barrel comes with a muzzle brake that comes in handy in reducing recoil.

The oversized knob on this rifle's fluted bolt ensures reliable operation, especially because the stock offers exceptional grip in any weather. Don't forget the red dot sight attached to the receiver, which, together with the muzzle brake, gives you great balance.

Note: You can also get the rifle in black and stainless steel barreled action.

4. Tikka T3x LITE

The Tikka T3x Lite is the hunting rifle that suits experienced and novice hunters alike. Its versatility and durability are unmatched in various weather conditions in any terrain. What's more, this model comes in right and left-hand offerings, with different barrel lengths, not to mention 13 different calibers. This versatility makes it almost impossible to miss out on a variant that best suits your needs.


  • The steel recoil lug will help keep the tikka rifle accurate for a long time
  • The pistol grip on the Tikka T3x LITE allows you to customize the forend to suit your needs on any given hunt.

5. Tikka T1X MTR

The T1x MTR comes outfitted with a cold-hammer-forged barrel that features a crossover profile. This offers the benefits of a heavier barrel without extra weight.

The threaded muzzle allows suppressor attachment. Its synthetic modular stock is compatible with various aftermarket T3x stock add-ons like the interchangeable pistol grips. These allow the modification of the grip angle for shooting in multiple positions.

The rifle uses a stainless steel bolt with a 45° lift, while the receiver comes with dovetailed mounts for scope attachment. It is also drilled and tapped for attaching your Picatinny rail. Lastly is the detachable, 10-round polymer magazine that feeds reliably and facilitates loading and unloading the tikka rifle.

Note: The action shares the same bedding surfaces and inlay footprint with the centerfire T3x rifles

Here’s an infographic guide. Don’t forget to download, save, or share this handy infographic for reference:

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There you have it, hunting enthusiasts, you can rest assured that you will have a worthy hunting rifle, whichever of these tikka rifles you decide to buy.

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