Time For Gun Owners To Boycott. Again.

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December 1, 2016 / Comments (2)


As you've undoubtedly heard by now, a famous, old clothing company based out of San Francisco decided that it would take a side in the gun debate. This company, Levi Strauss, has asked for everyone to leave their guns at home while shopping their stores and working their offices.
They have every right to do so, just like I have every right to not shop their brands any more.
I could continue to use their jeans but I won't. Truth be told, I'm not incredibly pleased with the fit anymore, anyway. This just makes my decision easier to find someone else. I'll have to find a different brand of clothing to fit my needs.

But that's not what this is about …
If there is one thing that many companies who sell goods rely on, it's a solid customer base. In order to be profitable they need to learn that it's generally not a good idea to alienate a large portion of your customer base.
Let's look at Target as an example. Just this past year they decided that they would alienate half of their customers and it is still hurting them tremendously. A lot of people have forgiven them and Target is trying to make up for it in any way they can. But, sadly, the damage is done. Will Target or Levi Strauss go out of business? Doubtful.
But they will feel the impact of people not shopping their brands anymore for a long time.
Besides, people will still carry wherever they feel it necessary to do so. Personally speaking, I carry just about everywhere I legally can. In Pennsylvania, I'm allowed to carry anywhere not prohibited by law. “No gun” signs don't carry the weight of the law in my commonwealth.

Once I'm asked to leave I must comply, but until that point I'm not breaking any laws.
And, guess what? Chances are really good that you pass hundreds of people carrying guns every single day of the week. You never know it because those of us who are law-abiding citizens never de-holster our guns unless a threat arises.
Do accidents happen? Sure they do. Some people carelessly handle their firearms and negligent discharges happen as a result. People are also careless when they drive but you don't see Levi Strauss banning people from driving to their stores.
This may hurt them. Granted, their aren't as many Levi-wearing gun owners as there are former Target shoppers. But, I do believe this will hurt them.
What do you think? Is this going to hurt Levi's? What kind of trousers do you wear? Jeans, or tactical? Let us know in the comments. Ya know, because I'm in the market for something new. Finally, do you pay attention to “no gun” signs?
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Time For Gun Owners To Boycott. Again.

  1. Jim says:

    Life’s too short to buy cheap clothes!

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