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October 18, 2023 / Comments (1)

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Fine-tune your survival skills with these tips for backpack camping in the rain in this video from Kenneth Kram!

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Must-Know Tips for Backpack Camping in the Rain

How Backpack Camping in the Rain Can Help You Prepare for Disasters

Between wet and dry camping, most campers prefer the latter. I would too, yet backpack camping in the rain can teach you more when it comes to survival and even prepare you for disasters.

That's why more and more survivalists today are testing their limits by camping and backpacking in the rain. They confront some of the rainiest places and wettest terrains in the USA, from the tropical rainforest of Hawaii to the National Forest Parks of Washington.

Backpack camping in the rain creates more challenges, including starting a fire in a wet environment. This challenge is a bane among survivalists, both amateurs and experts alike, so this video will give you ideas on how to be successful at these challenges.

What to Bring When Backpack Camping in the Rain

Of course, when backpack camping in the rain, what goes straight into our minds is waterproof gear. But we are all prone to both overpacking and underpacking.

Besides a good waterproof backpack, you only need to carry essentials when backpacking camping on wet terrain. So what are the essentials?

As survivalists, you have a pretty good idea but you can still find a few more helpful tips here for your camping in the rain checklist of essentials.

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What to Expect When Backpack Camping In the Rain

One of the perks of backpack camping in the rain is you don't have to worry about your water source. You still need to worry about its safety for drinking though, and starting a fire to boil water in wet surroundings is as you know, challenging.

You also know you have to pick a good site to set up camp, but camping in the rain presents difficulties when it comes to the perfect spot. For example, it's good to camp near a body of flowing water, but a whispering brook can turn into a raging waterway in a few moments after rain.

Learn to start a fire in wet surroundings and spot hazards at your campsite.

Safety Is a Top Priority When Backpack Camping in the Rain

Thunderstorms, flooding, and other safety hazards should be expected when backpack camping in the rain. The danger of losing your way in the forest is also great in a deluged sea of green.

So, what do you do? What are the things you need to prepare to help keep you safe out in the rain?

What are the things you need to do before and during your camping trip to ensure your survival, safety and even comfort?

Check out Kenneth Kramm's video on tips for backpack camping in the rain. You might also want to share some tried-and-tested tips of your own!

Watch the full video here from KennethKramm for tips for backpack camping in the rain:

Now you know how backpack camping in the rain can help you survive whatever nature throws at you. Put these tips into action and never back down from a torrent by preparing for the worst!

Remember, safety is the top priority but comfort comes next. With these tips, you can have the best of both worlds, indeed!

Do you have any tips and tricks up your sleeves for backpack camping in the rain? Let's check them out in your comments below!

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Tips For Backpack Camping In The Rain [Video]

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    I sleeped in surprise rain once. Got kinda wet and a little sick that time. Now I always pack a fold-up umbrella and garbage bags.

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