Street Survival Skills: Surviving the Urban Jungle

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Many of us survivalists prefer to live in a rural environment, as far off the grid as possible.

But there are those who live in the city, either by choice or necessity. It may not be the ideal environment, but that just means you have to learn the survival skills to fit your specific situation.

Urban environments present their own unique challenges when it comes to survival… but if you arm yourself with these “street survival skills,”  you'll be equipped with the knowledge you need to survive.

Remember, criminals prey on the unsuspecting and the weak. Don't become a victim. Prepare yourself now!

Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Know What to Do in a Riot

What happens if you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a riot and want no part of it? These 10 tips will show you how to break away from the mob:

A riot and fire in the middle of a city.
  • Stay calm and keep your emotions in check
  • Avoid confrontation
  • Walk, don't run
  • Don't stop moving
  • Get inside and stay there
  • Keep your doors and windows locked
  • If you're caught in your car, stay calm
  • Stay on the sidelines and back away slowly
  • Watch your footing
  • Keep your hands up by your chest

Click here for more details.

2. Know How to Deal with Looters

Riots too often result in mobs of violent looters. If you own a business and want to protect your property, or just if you want to protect yourself from these people, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Control your emotions
  • Blend in with the enemy
  • Don't go out at night
  • Always have your gear on you
  • Watch the flow
  • Stay away from the leader
  • Be prepared to fight back

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3. Be Street Smart

Learn how to survive an urban environment by developing a street smart attitude. Gain knowledge in the ability to identify what’s going on in your surroundings, and have the physical and mental tools to adapt when the need arises.

4. Sharpen your Senses on Situational Awareness


Paying attention to what's going on around you — the sights, sounds and even slight changes in your environment — can help keep you safe from attackers and other threats. If you only learn one street survival skill today, this should be it. This skill will absolutely save your life.

Here are some situational awareness tips to keep you sharp and aware of your surroundings.

5. Learn How to Defend Yourself


No one knows when the need to defend themselves might happen. It could happen anytime and anywhere. If it does occur, we should be equipped to defend ourselves. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Only use deadly force as a LAST RESORT.
  • Only use deadly force to save a life, not just to take a life.
  • Prepare yourself mentally for SHTF every day.
  • Train often with your weapons; not just “point and shoot” at a station target, but moving targets as well.
  • Mentally prepare yourself to kill someone in self-defense if necessary. Prepare for the guilt, depression and second-guessing that might come along with it.
  • Study up on the human body’s reaction to a life-and-death situation, such as “fight or flight” and “tunnel vision.”
  • Practice shooting while moving.
  • Prepare yourself for the possibility that your enemy may retaliate even after you defend yourself.
  • Prepare yourself to defend yourself even against friends and neighbors when SHTF.
  • Train with weapons other than guns (such as edged weapons or impact weapons.)
  • Carry a secondary weapon in case you can’t reach your gun, or it’s taken from you.
  • Practice drawing your weapon on a near-daily basis. It should become muscle memory for you.

6. Self Defense for Women


Women are more prone to attacks in certain situations, and their small stature and tendency to be weaker makes them easier targets in the eyes of criminals. However, women are not helpless.

Click here to learn about self-defense skills for women, and keep yourself from becoming a victim.

7. Choose the Best Martial Arts for Self Defense


Knowing how to defend yourself without a weapon is extremely important. Learning a martial art is a great way to practice self defense — and it will keep you in top shape, too.

8. Sharpen Your Self Defense Skills

Being attacked in a city can be a terrifying experience, but if you're equipped with the proper skills and training, you can walk away unscathed. These 6 tips will help you out:

  • Assume they’re carrying a weapon
  • Your knife is meant to be felt, not seen.
  • Use deception to close the distance.
  • Do not play the MMA game in a life or death situation.
  • When weapons are involved, fight dirty.
  • Do not fight unless you have to.

Watch the video for more.

9. Unorthodox Self Defense Tips


People are learning to be creative in finding ways to defend themselves. From keyholders, knife to pens and even high heel shoes, these unorthodox weapons could save your life someday.

Learn more ways to defend yourself from the most common attacks.

10. A Simple Yet Effective Self Defense Technique


A throat strike is one of the simplest ways to take down any attacker. If you're armed with this skill, you've got a good chance of coming out victorious in a fight.

11. Learn How to Defend Yourself When Outmatched


This ankle stop knockout move is just one of the nasty moves that you can use for your survival. It's perfect for when you're outnumbered and need to take out several foes quickly.

Click here for the full tutorial.

12. Stopping an Attacker from Behind


Attackers usually use common moves to prey on their victims. By watching this video, you will learn to defend yourself if attacked from behind with a gun.

13. Learn to Use a Knife for Self Defense


A knife may be your last resort as a form of self defense. It may not be a 100% effective, but it is best that you know some moves when the time for you to use it comes.

14. Using A Knife for Defending Against a Knife Attack


If an attacker comes at you with a knife, you can use your own to disarm them. Your knife will become an extension of your arm and make you more effective.

15. Learn Throw a Knife


This can be an important skill so you can defend yourself when at a distance from your attacker. This video will teach you how to throw a combat knife from various distances, and other methods to keep your attacker at bay.

16. What To Do When You're Kidnapped

street-survival-skills-18 Street Survival Skills Surviving the Urban Jungle

Kidnappings are a common crime in the United States, even in areas you may think are safe. This article will help you learn how to avoid becoming a kidnap victim.

Got any street-smart survival skills of your own? Share them with us in the comments!

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Street Survival Skills: Surviving the Urban Jungle

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