Top 3 Survival Video Games

Top 3 Survival Video Games

April 30, 2023 / Comments (3)

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Who doesn’t love a great survival game? The challenge of winning against the odds is on! This survival instinct is hard-coded into our DNA down deep somewhere, so a large group of people are getting to set this loose on the latest and greatest of the survival game genre in the PC player world.

This world of survival games is where the players are allowed to push their limits. In these games, players are challenged by tough problems, life and death situations and the task of finding creative solutions to those situations.

These popular games take place in a variety of environments. Whether underground, among the stars, back with dinosaurs, in the future, or with mutants, zombies or alien invaders, these survival games are a way for people to play against their greatest foe, other players online.

Top 3 Survival Video Games

Frostpunk State of Decay

This game was released in 2018 and is a game where players have to build a society and also survive the elements. You will have a handful of very cold and unhappy people to survive with. Together, you will gather resources and hunt for food to help survivors live inside a coal-heated crater. You are confronted with difficult choices at every turn. Official link to this survival game.

State of Decay

State of Decay is a zombie survival game that is not played as an individual but rather as a team. As you make your way through the areas you are not just looking for food and water, but also for people to join your team who have the skills that you need to help your situation. This game was released in 2018.


Hands down, Rimworld gets top reviews. The main objective of Rimworld is to expand and manage a colony of people in a futuristic setting driven by a randomly-generated story, on a planet that is not Earth. When the colony has enough resources, the characters can escape the planet using a spaceship. The game has a top-down two-dimensional view. In-game events are randomly generated by an AI storyteller.

The Story Tellers

  • Cassandra Classic steadily increases the difficulty of the game by increasing the difficulty of negative events as the time passes.
  • Phoebe Chillax gives large periods of peace between negative events, but these are still challenging to the player if he or she is in the middle of a negative difficulty.
  • Randy Radom provides a gameplay with unpredictable events occurring at random intervals. The level and frequency of negative events are randomly generated and can occur at any time.

While Rimworld is being played, an AI storyteller will throw random events at the player, which are announced by a message icon on the right-hand side of the screen. Such events can be either positive or negative events. Or these can also be neutral, such as a stranger just wandering into the camp. During positive events, the colony benefits and during negative events, everyone must spring into action to defend the colony. The members must either make traps or go into combat, etc.

Whether or not you love survival games, or you don’t, one cannot deny the graphics and the advance capabilities you can find in a game that you used to only find in a movie or on television. These games give the users the feelings of being in the zone of the action and adventure.


These video games combine survival and hunting as a means to enjoy a spare time activity of choice that does not require a hunt for new shoes as people who spend money shopping, but rather a hunt for mythical supplies for survival. These games answer the basic need people have for both challenge and community with others, as they do meet others online in their quests for survival in almost every scenario.

What survival game is your favorite, and what about this game is causes you to like it the most? New games are coming out every month. What will be next?

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