Top 5 Survival Guns

Remington 700 with custom shortened barrel

[tps_title]Kel Tec PMR and CMR 30[/tps_title]

best survival guns

A mighty duo. Kel Tec PMR and CMR in .22 magnum

Ok, I know that one of my criteria for a survival gun is ammo availability. In this case the Kel Tec PMR 30 pistol and the sister CMR 30 carbine are chambered in 22 magnum. If you have laid in a good supply of this hot 22 rim fire cartridge, it would be hard to overlook these two firearms for survival considerations. Kel Tec has designed these guns to take the same 30-round box magazines. Both guns are lightweight and compact. The carbine has a collapsible stock that slides down flush with the back of the receiver and has a full length picitinny rail for an optic of your choice along with BUIS. Pack these two guns in a covert pack like the Defcon Compact Assault Bag and you have yourself a slick bug out package.
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9 Responses to :
Top 5 Survival Guns

  1. Walter Scott says:

    I like the Henry .22 survival rifle. All the parts ft in the stock. It is light and already is in my bugout box.

  2. KUETSA says:

    30-06??? How about . . . .308???

  3. Mike Hubbard says:

    The great thing about a shot gun for survival is you have a way better chance of taking enough game to survive. Ammo is heavier, but you’ll be less likely to miss that squirrel, or quail, or rabbit, etc. ,and taking big game will be easy.

  4. Mikial says:

    Not exactly the guns I would have selected, but they still have plenty of utility. Essentially, it’s a good .22, a powerful hunting rifle, a MSR for defense, a good reliable shotgun like an 870 or Mossberg 500, and a handgun in 9mm or larger for those last ditch moments.

  5. bluesea says:

    I have the Henry H0001 Lever action Carbine. It will take 22 LR, 22 Long, and 22 short. It doesn’t break down but it is only about 3 feet long, so still isn’t a problem to carry.

  6. fed up says:

    a savage sp 24 over/under .22 mag. 20 ga. mag would be one of my choices for a single gun.

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