Top 5 Survival Skills

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What do you think are the most important survival skills? Know what you need to prioritize in case you get lost in the wild.

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Survival Skills Every Survivalist Should Know

Importance of Survival Skills

Obtaining food? Finding water? Building shelter?

Which is the most important in a survival situation? The answer may surprise you.

If you see yourself in a disaster situation where you may need to spend a couple of weeks out, it's imperative that you know the benefits of survival skills. You'll never know how long you will be out there, so it's a must for your thoughts to be well-organized.

Remember your survival skills training and take note of these top five to keep you alive longer in the wild.

1. Attitude

Your attitude will determine if you're likely to survive the situation or not. Thriving in a wilderness environment requires a positive attitude and a clearer view of how you want things to turn out. This assures you of being able to manage the available resources well and efficiently.

2. Fire

Firewood to boil water | Top Survival Skills

This might seem a bit surprising to you but just think about what you can accomplish with fire. You can boil water for drinking, stay warm in the cold night, and cook food. That basically covers almost everything you need to survive in the wild.

3. Shelter

Extreme cold is one of your greatest enemies in the outdoors. Temperatures can really drop as night time approaches and your mind may only have a few hours to function really well.

You can't allow your thinking power to deteriorate. Gather what you can to build a shelter before daylight falls. It's your best defense to get through the night and start organizing the following morning.

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4, Water

River stream | Top Survival Skills

If you find yourself close to a moving water source, then you're lucky. Moving water like rivers and streams allows fewer bacteria to live in it as opposed to a pond.

The human body can survive up to three days only without water. Apparently, it's more crucial to stock up on immediately compared to food.

5. Food

Finally, we have food on the list. You might be wondering why it's the least important among these five must-haves.

Humans can survive up to three weeks without food but without the previous four, your body will struggle more than you expect things to be.

Check out this video from Howcast and learn about the top five survival skills. You never know when you might need them:

When disaster hits, you have to organize your thoughts right away. Think about the situation and your body's immediate needs. Maintain a clear state of mind and know which things to prioritize that'll give you a greater chance of surviving the ordeal.

Do you have more items to add to this top survival must-haves? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


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Top 5 Survival Skills

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