December 2015: Tornadoes and Blizzards in Texas…and the Aftermath

Tornadoes and Blizzards in Texas feature

A Round of Tornadoes Hit North Texas on December 26, 2015

Tornadoes and Blizzards in Texas

Eleven people died, at least two of which were small children, and more than 600 homes and businesses were damaged from the round of tornadoes that tore through North Texas on Saturday night.

The National Weather Service confirmed seven tornadoes by Monday afternoon, and continued to survey two other areas that may have been hit by tornadoes Saturday. Five of those seven tornadoes were rated EF0.

The Texas towns and cities that were affected by these tornadoes are Garland, Rowlett, Rockwall, Sunnyvale, Copeville, Farmersville, Blue Ridge, Ovilla, Desoto, Midlothian, Waxahachie, and Glenn Heights.

Tornadoes and Blizzards in Texas

In addition to the tornado damage, flash flooding was reported across much of Dallas County due to heavy rainfall.

What to do next… A question that immediately grabs you and the answers mixed with possibilities can be utterly overwhelming. Here is a great article that may help you if you and your family are ever faced with the disaster of a tornado. “Tornado Safety: What To Do After the Storm” (courtesy of

Here's an article from our own site about tornado survival: Tornado Survival Tips.

Another heartbreaking thing that families face is the misplacement of the family pets after a national disaster like a tornado. As I live in North Texas, I have seen misplaced pets all over social media in the last few days. Some of these pets, with the help of social media, have been reunited with their families. If you are ever separated from your beloved pet (for whatever reason) social media is a great way to get the word out there about your furry friend.

If have you lost your beloved pet in the recent storms of North Texas, here is a great place to look for your furry friend, “Lost and Found Pets from North Texas Tornadoes.” And perhaps you could share this page to your own Facebook friends to get the word out there for others who may be looking for their lost pet.

Northwest Texas and the Winter Storm, Goliath

Tornadoes and Blizzards in Texas

Northwest Texas was crushed by Goliath, crippling travel and creating blizzard conditions. More than 51,000 customers were without power across the state Monday morning, with many of those outages attributed to the winter storm.

Officials warned people to stay off roads in the Texas Panhandle as vicious winds and heavy snow pounded the area.

Schools and businesses were closed Monday across the Panhandle, including in Lubbock, Amarillo and Midland/Odessa.

According to National Weather Service reports, Lubbock received 11 inches of snow on Sunday, the largest snowfall on a single December day since records began in 1911. The city averages 8.2 inches for the entire season.

If you have lost your beloved pet in the recent winter storm Goliath, here is a great place to possibly look for your furry friend, “Lost and Found Pets of Lubbock, TX.” And perhaps you could share this page to your own Facebook to get the word out there for others who may be looking for their lost pet.  

lost and found pets Lubbock Texas

Social media is a wonderful thing and has helped families reunite with their furry friends all over the United States!

Always Be Prepared for ANY Natural Disaster!

Here is an article I wrote on the importance of preparedness for natural disasters and tips on how to get started. And now that 3 major disasters have hit my home state of Texas, I am more serious than ever to ALWAYS STAY PREPARED, NO MATTER WHAT!

Here’s another great article on natural disaster preparedness by Alden Morris: “Surviving Natural Disasters”.

And finally, an article that I wrote recently on preparedness for your pets. In my household, we ALL have bugout bags…even our pets. After all, they are family too!

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