Small Game Primitive Trapping – How To Catch Small Game Animals In The Most Effective Way

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When hunting small game, the use of projectile weapons is not very conducive due to the fact that the animal you're trying to shoot is way smaller than that of deer or elk. In addition, rabbits and squirrels move faster on the ground and you can lose sight of them quite easily. Trapping, on the other hand, is much more effective for catching these tiny animals.


Primitive Trapping Techniques – How To Catch Small Game Animals In The Most Effective Way

The Deadliest Small Game Trap For Survival Hunting

Setting up a trap takes a lot of intuition and knowledge on the nature of the animal that you're hunting. In addition, trapping isn't always a success and there's a relatively high failure rate depending on the effectiveness of the trap you set up. However, trapping has its advantages most especially in survival situations. Once you set up a trap, you'll just have to wait for the prey to fall into it and do other things while you wait for your dinner. Check out wildernessoutfitters as he sets up this windlass trap that almost ensures success.

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Choosing the location of your trap is vital to the success of trapping the prey on your snare. Animals like to travel in higher ground but would definitely need to travel down to the water source every once in a while. The optimal location to place the trap is off the trail where two trees are very close to each other. If there is none, it is okay to use stakes where the string is going to be attached.


It is important to prepare the things you'll need for the trap beforehand, most preferably at camp and decide on the size of the game you're hunting. This trap specifically uses the promontory peg trigger that can be adjusted depending on the size of the animals present in the area. The sharp end on one of the twigs is where the bait will be placed and once the animal touches the trigger, the trap will go into action.

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For the second part of the trap, the windlass mechanism's stick is needed which is most preferably a round stick where almost a third of its length is flat. The round end of the stick is where you'll need to stick a nail on so that when the trap is triggered, the animal will be killed almost instantly. It is also important to angle the nail inwards so that it cannot break free from the trap in case it doesn't die instantly.


For the last item on the list, the string must be tied down to the trees sitting nearby each other. It is better to use strong cordage for the trap so that when it is twisted multiple times for the windlass mechanism to work, it won't break easily.

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The idea of the windlass trap is to insert the round stick into the two strings and twist is such that there is a great amount of force when the trigger is set off. The force of the stick will ideally be able to kill the animal but just to be sure, the nail should be able to hold it in place until you get back to check your trap.


The final step on this set up is to put the trigger in place. Basically, you'd want to stick the bait on the sharp trigger twig so that you don't set off the trap once you've finished putting it all together. This trap can be dangerous to you as well if you're not careful so you better watch your hands when your trying to put the trigger on the right place. Once you're done, it is important to block the back side of the trap so that the animal won't take the bait from behind and prevent it from running away once it's caught on the nail that you've put on the stick.

Once you're done with everything, the next thing to do is to wait for the game animal to get thirsty and check out the trap you've set up for it. This trap can be very effective for squirrels, rabbits, and all other small game animals that are present in the area. Once the trigger goes off, you'll be sure to have a nice meal for dinner!

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