Testing, Listener Questions, and TREX ARMS [PODCAST]

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August 27, 2021 / Comments (0)


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Testing, Listener Questions, and TREX ARMS

Today’s Topics:

  1. New Sound Signature Review coming this week. Maybe a couple? If you’re good. (00:07:58)
  2. Listener Questions – let’s get back to them! You folks ask great questions. (00:16:46)
  3. Tested last week and we should be out in the field again this week too. Mother nature is apparently off of her meds. (01:04:27)
  4. Wonderful new PEW Science corporate support – a huge thank you to the folks at T.REX ARMS for throwing their hat into the ring. Welcome to all the new PEW Science members; your support is helping to make silencers better. (01:07:56)

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