Are you a True Survivalist? Take the Quiz to Find Out

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January 15, 2015 / Comments (18)


So you think you're a real survivalist?

Think you have what it takes to make it out in the wild?

Take this quiz to find out!

We'll test your survival skills with a series of survival scenarios and questions designed to put your survival knowledge to the test. Find out if you're really cut out to be a survivalist.

If you are, there might just be a prize waiting for you at the end…

What are you waiting for? Click “start” below to get started on the survival quiz.

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18 Responses to :
Are you a True Survivalist? Take the Quiz to Find Out

  1. Clark says:

    Need to know what I got wrong. How do you correct your knowledge if you don’t let us know the wrong answers?

  2. Dan says:

    Since so many people asked what the actual answers are, I thought I’d share them (though there are one or two I disagree with).

    1. (multiple choice) 2,3,4,1
    2. Skills
    3. Stay put and wait to be rescued
    4. top left (mistletoe)
    5. bottom right (coral snake)
    6. Search for food for both of us; I need my dog’s company and protection
    7. Take care of my immediate family and myself, and let everyone else fend for themselves
    8. Water from a spring
    9. 72 hours
    10. Treat the injury as best you can with what’s around

    1. Doug G. says:

      you have a couple of things in the wrong place. #4 top right is mistletoe which looks more like snow berries to me. both poisonous. #5 bottom left is the coral snake.

      the other is a eastern king snake (corn snake looks a lot like it as well). the black one looks like a common water snake but unable to get a good look at the head and the brown one I have no idea if it is native to the u.s. or not since have never seen. thanks for the answers though since I picked up 80 the first time I took it and using your answers went to 90. lower was due to the snakes (won’t eat them even if starving I am afraid.)also went with 36 hours in the bugout bag instead of 72.

      there is a book at the library about edible plants and you can go to your local farm extension–usually in the courthouse and pick up a booklet on edibles. good idea to take a first aid course or refresher from time to time.

    2. Irene says:

      The test choices aren’t always in the same order so some of your answers aren’t applicable. Giving which number of the 4 choices for example doesn’t help when they aren’t in the same order for everyone.

  3. Rey M. says:

    I agree with the others. I would like to know which ones I missed!

  4. Doug G. says:

    I also am curious about the score. there is one question about water where there were two which would actually be safe to drink but all would be if boiled for a bit and then cooled. as far as the snakes, there is one that I really wasn’t sure about due to not having a good look at the head. then there is the “black on yellow or the red, black, yellow” which is the coral snake. however there are a couple of corn and king snakes that look identical. I don’t bother them and would never eat since I won’t touch them EVER!! the one about the dog, well, there were a couple of answers that would work albeit a body would have to be in that situation to know what they would do. so yes, a body needs the answers even though a lot of them could be correct to see where they might be able to correct and do better.

    1. Darrell says:

      I had the same thought about the water. It sounds crazy but I did a mold experiment in middle school and the running water created the most mold but I did read in the SAS survival book that rain water could be consumed without boiling so I chose snow. Regarding the snake, it was a coral snake: red and yellow, kill a fellow, red and black, friend of Jack.

    2. TripodXL says:

      @Doug; Did you mean that there are corn and king snakes that look just like coral snakes (not true BTW) or did you mean corn and king snakes that look alike. Your statement could be take either way. The only confusion I know of is with the coral snake and the banded king snake, which is easy to identify with this rhyme; “red touch yellow will kill a fellow (coral), red touch black venom lack (king)”. I don’t know of any corn snakes that look like king snakes (amateur herpetologist). Snakes eat good. You need to get over that fear, my friend.

      1. Doug G. says:

        unless you are really familiar with kings, coral and corn snakes it is easy to get mixed up. the coral (bottom left) the eastern king snake (upper left) and yes there is a banded corn snake and one that looks like a copperhead and all very easy to confuse. had bad experience with snakes around 6 and haven’t touched one nor will I ever without gloves. stomped a few and killed many burning out a .22 pistol barrel doing so, just literally hate them. as of late though have found out what kings look like and won’t bother them or garter snakes. don’t go out of my way to kill them now days but just don’t get in my way lol!! our saying here in la. has always been “black on yellow kill a fella”, and without a puter in those days couldn’t tell the difference in banded snakes I would run into in the woods where I stayed when possible. have a question though, that stub tailed brown snake–what the heck is it? never see one in my 60 odd years!

        1. Doug G. says:

          sorry tripod, old boy told me wrong on the corn snake!! must have been a king. found one years ago that was just too pretty to kill. was a pale green with yellow polka dots on it. found out later it was a king as well. there are several types of king down here.

  5. buz davis says:

    So, which 4 did
    I miss?

  6. Patty Welch says:

    Where can we find the answers so we know what to correct? I enjoyed this quiz and would like more of them.

  7. not enough info says:

    Not enough info. Can’t see the snakes eyes to see if they are slanted or round.If the spring is at the start or don stream. things like that.
    And a black snake could be a water moc. Can’t see if cotton mouth.

  8. TPSnodgrass says:

    Site seems to be down, or at least NOT working the questions and responses correctly. Too bad, I was looking forward to participating!

  9. Matthew says:

    Couldn’t care less which one’s I got wrong or right. This little quiz was a joke. Most of the questions were far to vague to have a “correct answer”. I’ve been in this business for a long, long time, and can see no value to a series of vague questions.

  10. Johnny says:

    Where is the start button to take the quiz?

  11. Funnelrider says:

    How do I sign in to the survival life website? I would like to join, I have bought numerous products and have enjoyed many of the articles and videos and would like to become a member. Is there a forum to discuss topics relating to survival and preparing for what I believe will be some of the most challenging times our country has faced since pre industrial revolution. Maybe since the American revolution.

    One little EMP and this country will go to war with itself and recent decisions by our leaders indicate we may be in a situation in the not to distant future. How can I tap in to the knowledge out there so I can prepare myself on a budget and learn the real things I need to survive? How do I filter through the cheap hype on unnecessary crap being pitched just to make money and will fail in my time of need? Any directional help would be most appreciated.

  12. Great Grey says:

    These quizzes assume that you will be missed in 2 to 3 days of you getting in to trouble. suppose you plan on being gone for 2 to 3 weeks before coming back, now you could be in trouble a long time before anybody would start looking for you. Also the time of year and location will also affect what is the right answer. Some places six vehicles a year is high traffic.

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