Trump Won, It's Time To Move On

electoral map

November 11, 2016 / Comments (1)


Back in 2008 and 2012, I remember being told to suck it up when Barry O was elected to the highest office in the land. I remember being told that it was what the people wanted, and there was nothing I could do about it.
So, you know what I did? I sucked it up, moved on with my life, and hunkered down for the worst possible scenario, which, thankfully, never came.

I don't remember there being massive “protests” across this fine nation when Obama was elected. I remember there being a lot of pissed off and afraid people, but we are all adults so we dealt with someone becoming president who we didn't identify with. We dealt with a person who didn't share any of our values. We sucked it up, and vowed to vote harder next time.
And now, the people have spoken again. And it's time for those of you who protest to move on. There is literally nothing that can be done right now, so buckle up and hunker down for the long haul.
For those of you who don't understand why our system works the way it does with electoral college VS popularity, I give you the following map that I stole from one of my friends on FB. I'm not sure who gets the credit for this brilliant map, but look at it in detail.
electoral map
How could we let people that don't make up a majority of the space in America rule? We couldn't, which is why in order to become president, you need to win 270 electoral votes from across the country, not just a select few spots. Donald Trump did that.
In the future, I suggest electing someone a bit less corrupt than Hillary Clinton. I humbly believe that if Donald faced Bernie Sanders, we'd have a different outcome right now. He had a similar movement to Trump, and likely would have united the democratic party much better than Hillary ever could have done.
What does this have to do with guns? I mean, this is a gun blog, after all. Well, there are a select few people out there considering a revolt. They want to start a pseudo-civil war.

First, let me say that if we're both Americans there is no need for us to fight. I don't want to see anyone die in a futile battle. I'd rather you just hunker down for the long haul like we had to do.
If you still need more persuading, read on …
Let me remind you of something, really quick. Each candidate received almost 60 million votes. The main difference is that many of Trump's voters own guns. While it'd be impossible for me to say how many of those 60 million Americans own guns, I'm willing to say that at least half of them own at least a shotgun or rifle for hunting.
That's a lot of guns. And a lot of people currently united behind the future president so let's just not go there because it'll just end badly for everyone involved. And, last time something like that happened, was when republican president Abe Lincoln was elected to office and went to war with the southern democrats (who were majority slave owners and KKK).

They revolted and started a war, causing much division, strife, and death. There are a lot of parallels now, to what happened back then, and it isn't good. So let's just all agree to be Americans and get along with each other. Let's give Donald Trump a chance to prove if he is all of the things people are claiming him to be.

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