3 Best Guns For Turkey Hunting

Best Guns for Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting is a classic sport that’s been practiced by Americans for generations. However, turkey hunting requires using slightly different guns compared to regular game hunting.

Let’s break down the three best guns for turkey hunting you can find in modern stores across the country.

What Makes a Good Turkey Hunting Gun?

When you’re hunting turkeys, the weapon of choice is the shotgun.

These guns can hit targets from far enough away that you’ll be able to bag plenty of birds without scaring them off too quickly but also carry enough shot power to down a turkey in a single hit.

Of all the shotguns you might find, 12-gauge weapons are usually the best choice.

These are easy enough for even beginner turkey hunters to use and have enough shot inside each cartridge for comfort.

You'll also want to think about things like barrel length – a longer barrel means better accuracy at a distance.

Twenty-two or 24-inch barrels are usually great for most turkey hunting needs.

Other factors are also worth considering, like recall protection/absorption and weapon weight.

The former aspect is important so you don’t hurt your shoulder on a hunt, while the latter factor matters so you don’t get too tired when trailblazing through the woods in search of a target.

All in all, there are almost too many individual factors that might make a difference for your turkey shotgun.

That’s why the below 3 choices are excellent – they have good features or ratings for all the factors mentioned above and more.

1. Remington 870


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There are tons of affordable and dependable turkey guns modeled after the original Remington 870.

These shotguns come with a variety of barrel lengths, but we think shorter than average models with a 21 or 22-inch barrel will suit most hunters just fine.

A Remington 870 is also a great choice if you're smaller than average or if you want a shotgun that's easy to control.

Most modern Remington 870s come with synthetic pistol grip stocks to drive the price down, ensure comfort, and guarantee that the weapon is durable enough for frequent use.

It’s lightweight overall and can be purchased with either 3 or 3 ½” 12-gauge designs depending on your preference.

2. Winchester Model 12


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The old school turkey shotgun was first produced in 1912.

These days, you can find updated versions with barrels as long as 30 inches!

It features a hammerless design and a very smooth stroke, meaning your follow-up shots will be fast and easy.

The downside is that Model 12s usually don’t come with screw-in chokes, so you have to pick up a model that comes with a full choke preinstalled if that’s something you’re interested in.

Still, it’s a capable turkey hunting shotgun and has been a staple firearm for hunters for generations.

Find one that comes with a great stock and finish, and you'll have a reliable shotgun not just for hunting turkeys, but for taking down other game for the foreseeable future.

3. Mossberg 835


This 12-gauge shotgun is a perfect fit for most turkey hunters.

It’s also relatively lightweight, so it’s good for extended trips through the brush and forested terrain where you'll find your targets.

It was originally intended as a waterfowl gun, but this just lends it extra versatility.

Today, you can find plenty of these shotguns with counter-recoil designs or stocks.

This makes them easier to use, and more comfortable as well.

Look for shotguns with three-dot fiber optic sights for added accuracy and even more usability.

As you can see, there are tons of excellent turkey gun choices depending on your budget and experience level.

Pick one of the above models, and we think you’ll have great success on your next turkey hunt!

Which of these guns for turkey hunting do you like the best? Tell us why in the comments section!

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