Types Of Beards That Women Love To See On Men

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Curious about the different types of beards you see other men sporting? While some may be a shade too grizzly for your liking, there are a few styles that are sure to make people (read: the ladies) take a second glance. These seven styles of beards will make heads turn at your local dive bar. Read on and get ready to reach for your razors.

Types of Beards She'll Go Wild For


1. Circle Beard

man with Circle Beard | Types of Beards That Women Love | styles of beards
The Circle Beard is a variant of the goatee, one of the most versatile types of beards. It combines a chin strap, soul patch, and a mustache that form a circle around your lips. To achieve this, shave off your sideburns but leave the chin strap. Run your razor along your cheeks, leaving only two lines attached to your mustache and chin strap. This beard style can last for a few weeks. Maintenance is key to this look, as stubble reduces its effect.

2. Classic Goatee

man smiling with Classic Goatee | Types of Beards That Women Love | beard
The goatee came into vogue back in the '60s, at the height of the Summer of Love, and it's still in today. It's an easy and hassle-free way to keep your facial hair looking sharp. It works really well on men with square-shaped heads because it elongates the chin and gives your face a bit of contour.

To achieve this, shave your sideburns down to your chin. Then, shave the mustache. Keep the soul patch and the goatee. Try to trim it if it looks too unruly. The goatee works best when it's cropped.

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3. Anchor

man with Anchor | Types of Beards That Women Love | beard style
The Anchor beard is one of the newest and coolest types of beards to come into fashion. It is a pointed beard paired with a mustache that frames your jawline. This beard style gives you a nice, contemporary suave look.

Trim off your facial hair and use a razor to define the shape. Make sure to shave your cheek hair and neck beard off. Once you're nice and smooth, give your mustache a bit of love with a trim. Symmetry is key here, so ensure even lengths on both sides of your face. You will need to maintain this beard every few days or so, depending on how fast your facial hair grows.


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