PRAMEK: Ultimate Self Defense for Preppers

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Preppers, have you wondered how to use science to learn self defense? Do you want to use less energy to defend yourself, your home, and your family?

PRAMEK is the answer and solution to all your self defense questions. First, let me tell you about the background of the founder.

Matt Powell is an extraordinary person; through PRAMEK he is an innovator for true 21st century martial art, combatives and self defense skills. Just like with anything that wants to survive, combatives training and learning must also adapt or risk becoming obsolete.

Matt’s background includes boxing and some traditional martial arts but his real expertise is in Russian Martial Art. Matt studied in Russia and brought what he learned back to the United States and eventually founded his own system: Practical Mechanics Survival System.

After working in high risk private security contracts, Matt found that his self defense training was theoretically sound, but lacking in practical application. After discussions with his teacher in Russia, he was told it was time to move on and develop his own methods, which later became PRAMEK, a synergy of Russian science and western combatives. Matt has trained a variety of students, from the US Army Ranger Battalion to the Army land warrior development unit, private security teams, corporations, police, soldiers and civilians, to celebrities like Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges.

PRAMEK: Ultimate Self Defense for Preppers

PRAMEK holds the scientific key to unlocking how a person would move and how a person should learn to move especially when it comes to the dynamics of fighting.

PRAMEK uses the Conceptual Learning Method to explain how, and why, people should learn to move and to perform combatives techniques given specific scientific methods. This manual and methodology teaches those studying movement and combatives how to learn, as well as teaching teachers how to teach.

CLM Conceptual Learning Method

  1. How a student learns a physical skill
  2. How to teach a student according to their learning type
  3. How to use a scientific process to test students
  4. Understanding the psychology of a training environment
  5. Using science to create effective and efficient students

The PRAMEK principles, concepts, and applications are all designed to maximize effects with minimum effort. Russian Martial Arts, as well as PRAMEK discusses the 25% rule which refers to a person only using 25% of his or her available energy to defend themselves or do whatever needs to be done. The idea is that you must have energy in reserve to fight other attackers or just so you can continue to move and complete other survival tasks.

Matt Powell has also branched out and is involved in the Warrior Fitness Mode program as well as his Mission Specific Fitness program. Preppers take note; fitness is a real necessity when you are trying to survive anything! PRAMEK has fitness solutions which will help you become stronger and more flexible so you can perform tasks, or defend yourself effectively and efficiently.

So there you have it. A new approach and a way to learn to move efficiently and effectively, and a scientific method of learning self defense, all from one program: PRAMEK.

Be safe out there and always remember “If not me, then who?”

Matt Powell now actively focuses on developing PRAMEK and its instructors, learning methods, and styles. He travels in the US and internationally teaching PRAMEK, as well as providing high level security consulting.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 10, 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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