How To Turn A Spoon Into A Survival Weapon

August 10, 2023 Those interested in exploring the endless amount of survival weapon bow techniques will probably agree that one of the hardest parts of constructing your own survival bow is finding the...

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August 10, 2023 / Comments (6)

Muzzle Loaders: Proper Loading and Maintenance

July 7, 2023 The muzzle loader is a simple gun that uses black powder or Pyrodex as a propellant. It utilizes technology that dates beyond the civil war. The muzzle loader will fire a variety of...

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July 7, 2023 / Comments (45)

Top 10 Pocket Pistols for Recreational Shooting

June 13, 2023 Pocket pistols are small, lightweight, easy-to-conceal handguns that fit in your pocket. They are ideal for recreational shooting, as they offer a fun and challenging way to practice your...

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June 13, 2023 / Comments (0)

Do Chemical Water Purification Methods Really Work?

June 3, 2023  Does Chemical Water Purification Work? Yes, it is able to render polluted water clean. However, while it’s good enough for everyday use (which includes drinking), fresh water...

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June 3, 2023 / Comments (2)

Intro to Firearms

April 27, 2023 When planning for a survival situation, firearms are certainly a consideration.  Which firearms depend on what you want to do with them, the space available, your budget, storage...

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April 27, 2023 / Comments (4)

Survival Rule of Three – How Long Could You Last?

March 20, 2023 It is easy to forget what is truly important when it comes to preparedness. With the huge amounts of gear, tips, tricks, and projects available to learn about, it isn't hard to get...

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March 20, 2023 / Comments (3)

Five Facts About Bullet-Proof Armor

March 14, 2023 The importance of bullet-proof armor has made it a key component of many police and military operations. Important questions to ask are, “Can my life be protected by such...

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March 14, 2023 / Comments (7)

Everything You Need to Know About The Second Amendment

January 27, 2023 One of the most important and valued legislative items of the United States Constitution is the Second Amendment. Since its inception, the Second Amendment faced interpretation regarding...

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January 27, 2023 / Comments (0)

Big Money Shooting Event & New Guns

March 11, 2022 Big Money Shooting Event & New Guns Gun Talk’s Tom Gresham and Ryan Gresham dive into the Jack Link’s Cup Sporting Clays tournament, which comes with a $150K payout! Also, new...

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March 11, 2022 / Comments (0)

Thermal, Infrared & Night Vision: Accufire Technology [PODCAST]

August 25, 2021 RELATED: T3 Carbine | Night Vision Veteran and Pioneer  Thermal, Infrared & Night Vision: Accufire Technology Reach For The Sky Lead Heads! On this episode of the Talking Lead...

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August 25, 2021 / Comments (1)


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