What Do You Need For Your Underground Survival Shelter?

Underground Survival Shelter

Having to decide to build your own underground survival shelter could cost you a lot of money. Yet just like most preppers, it is best to be prepared for the worst.

Hoping for the best almost always goes along with it. Whether it is a standard panic room or just a separate shelter, at least when SHTF you have a place to bug out to.

Building An Underground Survival Shelter? Check This

Assuming the day comes that you really have no choice but to dig in, do you think you have all that you need for your underground survival shelter?

If you are unsure about it, then this could be the article for you.  This article will give you a checklist whether or not there are still things that you have to do. So let’s start off with the first one…

1. Space

Assuming that you already have an underground survival shelter, do you have enough space for more than just one person?

How about space for storing enough supplies such as food, water and fuel just to name a few? How about space for recreation? The space that you will need will depend on how long you anticipate on staying underground in case of SHTF.

2. Air System

They say that a shelter is as good as its air filtration system. Bringing in air from the outside into the shelter is one thing but filtering it out for different uses is another.

Blast valves, positive pressure and overpressure valves, and snorkel lines are just some of the things that are vital parts of that system. It should also have a manual or battery backup in case your regular power supply quits out on you.

3. Power Supply

You will have to have a direct source in order to power up your lights, air filtering system, water system, heating, and a whole lot more. If ever the direct source of power is out then you will need backup power.

Power Supply | What Do You Need For Your Underground Survival Shelter?

A generator is most likely but, you will need a sufficient amount of fuel to last at least 6 months. This requires an exhaust pipe that should be far from prying eyes.

4. Water Supply

This is one of the most important. You must decide whether to have an underground aquifer or stock up on gallons of treated water.

Water Supply | What Do You Need For Your Underground Survival Shelter


If you choose the latter it will require a lot of storage space. Remember that you will need water not just for drinking. Bathing, and washing your dishes are but a few uses for water. Store up to 2 gallons per day per person.

5. Sewage & Drainage System

This is the most important feature to date. Poor hygiene and sewage removal is the fastest way to get sick. Proper installation of a sewage and septic system next to the bunker will surely give you a healthy and longer stay. Don’t forget to store up on toilet paper to save up on water.

6. Food Supply

I always presume that this is always the first thing that comes to mind. Make sure that it is of high-calorie food that can last a long time.

Food Supply | What Do You Need For Your Underground Survival Shelter?

Some supplies that you cannot do without are MREs, Rice, oatmeal, cereals, canned soups, and sealed jerked meat stuff as they have a very long shelf life. Vitamins and medicines are also a must for storage.

Check out my preferred canned meat product, perfect for an underground shelter. Shop Certain Food canned meat here

7. Security

Always prepare for the worst as there are those that haven’t prepared for the worst like you did. So always assume that there are those who want to take and have what you have.

You will need enough weapons and ammo as well as melee weapons for every type of self-defense scenario. Well-hidden security cameras in and around your entrance and exit location are also a must.

8. Communication Systems

You will have to know whether or not it is safe to come out. The supplies that you need to consider are a ham radio, a CB radio, FRS walkie-talkies, and a scanner radio. These are good since you are able to communicate in two ways. An AM/FM radio is for keeping yourself updated on current events.

9. Things To Keep You Busy

Cabin fever is your worst enemy if you plan on staying confined in your underground shelter for a long time. If you’re in a group it may take a while but it almost always creeps up on someone.

Things To Keep You Busy | What Do You Need For Your Underground Survival Shelter?

If it’s still not safe to go out then this could really be a problem. Board games, a deck of cards, books, a bible, gaming consoles, table tennis, and other indoor sports that don’t take up a lot of space can help you a lot by getting rid of boredom.

This deck of seed cards is a balance between helpful information and perfect for playing cards.

10. Emergency Escape System

You will have to think this through in the event that you need to bug out due to a direct threat or whichever case presents itself. Having only one entrance and exit point is not advisable at all.

If your attackers know your main entrance then they just have to wait for you to come out. If they have something to get through your fortified entrance then it will be only a matter of time before they get to you.

Watch this video by Colifurze where he makes an underground Apocalyptic bunker in his own backyard!

These are just some of the basic ideas that you need for your underground survival shelter. The consumable stocks will depend on the duration of your stay.

I’m sure you will come up with tons of ideas but make sure that they are the essentials. If you have the money for it, then make it as cozy for you as possible having an indoor pool is not farfetched, do you think?

As hard as it may already be staying underground only to realize that you forgot the one thing that you needed most. When that happens then there’s no turning back.

What Do You Need For Your Underground Survival Shelter?

Looking for a fully detailed plan that shows you how to make your OWN bunker? Check this out.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 19, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

2 Responses to :
What Do You Need For Your Underground Survival Shelter?

  1. Thomas Gardinier says:

    The question that always plagues me in survival models is survival into what is left? I see devastation like Joplin Tornado, Katrina and Sandy storms and the conditions that you are left with following the storm. I sometime balk at the survival costs, not that I want to die but the type of catastrophe you should plan for is not for five to ten years but rather like one year to two years.
    The storms cited above would rock your underground shelter if it isn’t completely water tight. Above ground, unless it’s elevated and made from stone and steel. You need your well pumped into your shelter, a source of energy (generator; gas or LP, Natural gas). Food, not the crappy food from survivalist companies that last 25 years. I would be shooting, growing and cooking my food. But once you have those amenities, someone or group will want your food and present a threat. Firearms are handy to have but how long can you hold the thugs off? In rural areas, it would be easier to survive, small communities are ok too but eventually someone says, ‘I’m the leader,’ LEADING TO CONFRONTATION.
    Before you run out and buy generators, survival rations, digging down or building up a survival chamber, think about your probable location when disaster hits. A few different plans may be required. Meeting at a specific area and moving to a secound home in the mountains. Reality based plans.
    If there is a nuclear exchange, we are set back nearly one thousand years. Shelter, energy, atmospheric and water contamination is probable, security issues, the entire balance monetary to barter trading will be turned upside down. Like when the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. Money won’t buy a turkey dinner but grain or flour might. Bartering will be the survival mechanism.
    The most likely to survive would be primitive locations around the world. Don’t be offended but the people not relying on oil are going to be the winners in the survival game and water and wildlife to that mix and you have restored humanity and perhaps civilization.
    Plan for simple survival, have your mind set to primitive survival and you will survive. But if the end is in sight, it’s time to sit in your favorite rocking chair with a case of Coors Light, JD#7, Jamison, Wild Turkey or Macallans. Toss some of your frozen steaks on the charcoal and enjoy the view.

  2. Looking for above shelter in garage for two people. Water level is near the surface.

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