The Most Underrated Survival Tip?

Underrated Survival Tip

March 22, 2023 / Comments (1)

Survival Skills

The Most Underrated Survival Tip?

This Simple Tip Could Save Your Life

When SHTF, you will have to choose between bugging out or hunkering down. Running away into the wilderness might turn out to be the best way to deal with some survival situations. However, there are instances where the act of heading for the hills could cause trouble.

You just wanted to go for a hike on a beautiful day, but after a few hours of walking, you find that you're lost. You didn't bring anything because you had no plans to be away for too long.

A simple mistake like this has cost many lives. Don't become another statistic. Here's John of IntenseAngler giving you a survival tip that you may have heard before but did not take seriously until now.

Do you have a “lost in the woods” story? Share it with us in the comments!

Being lost in the wilderness is no laughing matter. A simple day hike can turn dangerous if you are unable to find your way back, and you can't always rely on your cell phone's GPS to save you. That's why learning primitive navigation techniques is essential. Click here to read our article on using a compass.

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The Most Underrated Survival Tip?

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