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October 19, 2023 / Comments (11)

Camping Tips

Camping tricks and tips are a dime a dozen, but this camping checklist is chock full of ideas we bet you've never seen before.

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Camping Tricks & Tips a Survivalist Should Know

Unique Camping Hacks and Tips

From improvised camping ideas to camping food prep, we've got you covered with truly unique family camping hacks. To camp like a pro, read on and discover some of our unique camping tricks and tips!

1. Make a striking Match Storage with Sandpaper and a container lid

Sure, flints are amazing (in a Survivor series kind), but matches will never be outdated. They're easy and safe to use in lighting fire.


You only need to keep them bone dry (if they're not waterproof matches). This camping hack will definitely work for you with your mason jar stash.

2. Create an Egg Carton Fire Starter

Don't throw your egg cartons at camp just yet. You can throw them later at the fire or start the fire with them.


Here's how you can make your own DIY fire starter from egg cartons.

3. Create Outdoor Candlesticks for Easy & Portable Lighting

Make these easy candle tiki torches for fun camping. This is really simple yet so fancy.


For this camping trick, you only need candles and craft dowels.

4. Use Doritos as Kindling

Pull a MacGyver trick and make it one of your own camping hacks. Let Doritos save the day in your mission to start a fire.


Learn how to in this video from MacGyvermedotcom.

5. Use Frozen Water Jugs for long-lasting Lasting Cold in Your Cooler

Check out these camping food hacks to keep you fed and nourished in your appetite-boosting adventure.


Keep your cooler cool for a long time with 3 1-gallon milk jugs.

6. Create a Pocket-Sized Oil Lamp From a Travel Shampoo Bottle


It doesn't seem much but this pocket-sized oil lamp can burn for six hours which is more than enough for emergency situations.

7. Create Travel-Friendly Coffee Brewers from Filters and Floss

Coffee is an essential camping food, that campers can never be without. But having a good coffee requires you coffee-making tools hassling to bring along to camp.

Try this nifty camping tip for coffee: make individual coffee bags. You can enjoy good coffee even while you're outdoors.

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8. Make Your Own Grill Out of a Tin Can

It's impossible to forget a grill when camping, but terrible luck happens.


Luckily, you can make a grill while out at camp with large tin cans.

9. Waterproof Your Shoes With Beeswax

Candlewax and beeswax are not the only items to help you start a fire at camp. They are also effective in making your shoes waterproof.


It's as easy as directly applying the wax generously on your shoes.

10. Use a Belt and Some Hooks to Fashion a Pot Hanger

A camp is a home away from home and keeping things in order is also a priority. You don't want to pay the price of disorder when you are out in the wild.


This belt hack to keep your pots and pans hanging is a smart organizing tip.

11. Dip Cotton Pads in Wax to Make Easy Fire Starters

All the materials you need for this DIY cotton pad fire starter can be found right in your home now. It's light and it doesn't take a lot of space which is great for campers.

12. Create an Emergency Light out of Some Cardboard and Tin Can

This tin can emergency light also works as a fire starter for your campfires.

It's a great use for cardboard and tin cans you would otherwise throw away.

13. Keep a Jar Full of Candles Handy for a Quick and Easy Light Source

It's super hassling to find yourself in a power outage and you have to fumble for candles, matches, and a candlestick.


You've never come across this brilliant life and camping idea. It's a candle-and-match storage and candlestick in one.

14. Make a Portable Candle in an Altoid Tin

This camping trick with Altoid cans is really a no-brainer but still a nifty idea for camping.


It makes for romantic meals outdoors.

Check out these genius camping hacks by list25:

Learn these camping tricks and never be caught clueless out in the elements. This redneck-approved list can be used to add to your more traditional camping supplies for the ultimate camping experience.

Impress your fellow campers with these unusual camping ideas and your seemingly never-ending supply of cool camping hacks!

Have you tried out any of these camping tips? Which one is it? Let us know in the comments section below!


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11 Responses to :
14 Unique Camping Tricks | Camp Like A Redneck

  1. carl robison says:

    W O W !

  2. Rose Furtick says:

    I’m 80 now but as a Girl Scout many years ago we made cookout stoves and they worked. Use a gallon food can. Use beer opener to make holes just below the top rim. Put one hole just above the bottom rim. use a tuna fish can and cut a strip of card board about an inch taller than the tuna can. cut slits in the card board sort of like fringe, roll it up and place in the tuna can. Melt old candles and pour over the cardboard into the can. Let it harden. When ready to cook oil the top of the big can, put the tuna can below the big can and carefully light it. We cooked pancakes, eggs toasted cheese sandwiches and other good eats.

  3. corey says:

    Also use spiral note book wire attach to objects such as canteen and toss the canteen in fire keep wire hanging out

  4. Kate says:

    Dear lord, please do not use the candles on sticks as a light source. This is a huge fire hazard.

  5. about that says:

    none of these are red neck. mason jars havent been red neck for years. also do we really need instructions for how to freeze jugs of water? how about you try to come up with some original content.

  6. Chris Lowman says:

    OK, let’s break these down. This is not camping like a true Redneck, this list was made by a yuppie who wishes they were a redneck…
    #1 Us rednecks don’t put matches in mason jars, but something much better….plus we will light matches on anything, mostly the buttons on our levi’s.
    #2 Egg carton fire starter…yeah right from yuppie-ville….
    #3 Really, candle sticks for outdoor lighting? It’s called a bug-zapper light.
    #4 A redneck would never waste good Doritos in a fire. Period.
    #5 OK, we do freeze water in milk jugs to keep our stuff cold. Because we’re too cheap or broke to buy blocks of ice.
    #6 Really, pocket sized oil lamp. Yuppie
    #7 Redneck and dental-floss, doubt it. Plus anyone who has camped with me knows I love my cowboy coffee right off the fire.
    #8 ok, props for ingenuity, but rednecks use a sharpened stick.
    #9 waterproofing shoes? and seriously, those are yuppie shoes if I’ve ever seen them.
    #10 Why would I hang my belt on a tree? Yuppie, that’s for keeping my gun on my hip.
    #11 Cotton pads for fire starter? Rednecks wouldn’t even know where to find those in Wal-Mart.
    #12 Rednecks and breath mints?
    #13 another waste of a mason jar…
    #14 see #12

    So in summary, if you want to camp like a redneck, talk to a redneck, not some yuppie wannabe.

    1. Angel K Fujiyoshi says:

      I love this. I was thinking the same thing as I was reading this ridiculous article. Yep, this person is definately some sort of yuppie and doesn’t know what it’s like to be a redneck.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Haha, gotta agree wth th real redneck,Chris!!!

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    and be updated with the hottest information posted here.

  8. Richard Byers says:

    Until you’ve cut and debarked hickory saplings to make a spit and a standing grill out of and cook back straps from deer an the two hind quarters on the standing spit! Don’t talk yer redneck to me!!

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