United Airlines Openly Supports Jihad Website While Blocking Guns

united airlines

United Airlines disallows a passenger access to gun blogs, but has no problem letting him into a jihadi website. How is this even possible? This is corporate hypocrisy at its finest and it has to stop. Friends and fellow gun-owners, we must decide where we spend our hard earned money, clearly it should not be with this company, or others like them, anymore.
They blocked www.glock.com:
united airlines
Some would argue that they have the ability, and even the right to decide what they allow the passengers who use their WiFi to view on the internet. And, I guess they do. After all, they are paying for the WiFi and to rent space at the airport. But, here's where the hypocrisy starts: The websites he was trying to access were blocked because they were related to, and I quote “weapons/bombs.”
They blocked www.ruger.com:
hypo 1
And, I guess to some degree, I get their point. After all, planes don't mix all that well with bombs and guns. But, then this begs the question: Shouldn't they block the dabiq magazine website which actually shows people how to build IEDs?
united airlines
I've worked for a lot of gun-related publications, and none of them ever spoke about how to make explosives. It's usually about self-defense, training and shooting for fun.
Dabiq, on the other hand, shows actual pictures of bombs and people literally losing their heads…
Makes no sense to me.
But it gets worse…
They don't just block gun-related websites and blogs. They block anything seemingly pro-gun to include all of the firearms manufacturers, blogs and gun rights groups. Whatever gun website he tried to load was blocked. 
They blocked www.sigsauer.com:
hypo 3
You'd think that they just put a ban on the word “gun.” But they didn't, because gun-control websites popped up on their WiFi left and right. For example, when he typed something relating to the moms demand action for gun sense in America, BOOM! It didn't have any issues loading on his browser.
hypo 6
Neither did Everytown for gun safety have any problems loading.
Friends; fellow gun-owners, we don't have to stand for this. There are plenty of other companies we can use for the services we need. We need to begin boycotting those who are so willing to take away our freedoms. This is especially true when companies openly support American jihad. I urge you, don't spend your hard earned dollars flying with United Airlines.
I do want to note that the above images have been altered to remove the person's name who submitted them. This person is a trusted acquaintance of mine. He has asked to remain anonymous. For credibility, he is the owner of a very successful law firm on the eastern coast. What do you think about this? Does it upset you that they are allowing jihad websites to be viewed, and not firearms websites? Let us know in the comments below. 

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