University of Texas Students Protest New Campus Gun Law

October 12, 2015 / Comments (3)


campus gun law

A photo from the protester's FB page:  A student carrying her…sign of protest.

In June this year, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a campus carry bill which will allow properly licensed individuals to carry concealed weapons on Texas campuses. In response, a group of students have taken to social media to protest and plan to do so by carrying…ahem…dildos on their backpacks and citing the hashtag #CocksNotGlocks
Go HERE for the full story.

3 Responses to :
University of Texas Students Protest New Campus Gun Law

  1. HAMMER says:

    Well at least when they get raped they can have both holes filled at the same time…aren’t they special to be thinking about the rapist and supplying him with tools of his trade….YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW………….PERIOD…..KTN….

  2. rev_dave says:

    Well that’s fine for the ladies and I’m sure they can find plenty of those. But when some psycho starts shooting at them, will they be able to beat him down with their pink dildos? If so, I’m sure the shooter will kill himself.

  3. guncarrier says:

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