University Teaches Survival Skills


February 25, 2016 / Comments (1)

Survival Skills

Taking Students Out of Their “Safe Space”

Let's face it: college education has become a little…how should I put it?…silly over the past several years.

It seems that today's young adults are afraid to have their viewpoints challenged, their feelings hurt, and to be exposed to the harsh realities of the world. Censorship is rampant. College campuses these days have “safe spaces” and “free speech” zones in order to protect these young, delicate minds from encountering anything challenging or uncomfortable.

If you ask me, we aren't doing them any favors by bubble wrapping the world for them. Students need to learn how to fend for themselves, how to deal with the real world and how to handle crisis situations should the need arise.

Apparently at least one college agrees. Frostburg State University in Maryland offers survival and preparedness courses for its students. To learn more about what they're teaching and how it's making a difference, check out the article below.

Instead of Providing “Safe Spaces” This University Teaches Survival Skills

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