Unlikely Lock Picking Tools – Spray Paint and Soda Cans

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Lock picking can be tricky business.
It can be difficult to do even when you have all the right tools and expertise.
For this reason, we think knowing a lot of different method for lock picking is a great idea, especially when you might need to unlock something unexpectedly.
We’ve found several approaches which use unique tools to crack locks, but they all have one thing in common- the tools are used to make key copies to help you open that stubborn lock.
Granted, there are few situations where you’ll have access to the key prior to needing to pick the lock, but for those moments, we’ve assembled a list of unexpected items you can use to make a duplicate key to pick a lock!
From copy paper to a soda can, these four methods use seemingly random items to help you create a key copy to crack that lock open.

1. Coke Can Key Copy


2. Printer Key Cloning

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Full instructions here.

3. Spray Paint Key Copy


All you’ll need is some (dark) spray paint, a vice, and any fine grinding tool. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Put the key you want to copy in front of any blank key or an existing key that’s bigger.
  2. Spray the front of both keys with spray paint.
  3. Remove the original key (that you are copying) and you’ll see the key behind it will be darker in some areas, making an outline of the key ridges that need to be cut.
  4. Use your fine grinding tool to remove the painted parts of the copy key.
  5. Sand down any rough/sharp edges before using.

Ful Instructions here.

4. Duplicate Keys By Hand


Full Instructions here.
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Unlikely Lock Picking Tools – Spray Paint and Soda Cans

  1. Edward Leslie says:

    You could maybe make sure that links like the one above here, (“Family readiness and security checklist”) are working prior to posting. I have tried a few others as well as this one that do not work.

  2. Edward Leslie says:

    This posting on cutting keys is good, I have used a couple of these in the past and they are worth learning and knowing. I’ll have to give these other methods a try. Thanks for the new ideas. (New to me at least)

  3. Jeff says:

    Methods of making duplicate lock keys is not ‘lock picking’ Lock picking requires a pick and a tension bar and a lot of practice..

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    I ordered a shirt several weeks ago and still haven’t received it?

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      Same boat here. Ordered a knife several weeks ago. Still hasn’t arrived. They also don’t answer e-mails.

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