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Imagine walking down the street minding your own business, when all of a sudden you’re grabbed from behind and have a gun to your head. How do you protect yourself? How do you protect your love ones? It can be a tough call to make, especially when you don’t have much time and are forced to make a split-second decision (as you usually are in these situations.) Being prepared and mentally armed with the correct tactics ahead of time makes all the difference. After all, your mind is the most important weapon you have.
Throughout the series, we’ll present you with original training techniques from coach Jeremy Pollack from Inner Warrior Coaching, who will cover knife defense, how to disarm a gun from a gunman, and how to use random items such as a belt or stick to defend yourself, and more.  Take hold of Coach Jeremy’s  20+ years as a Martial Arts instructor, and Don’t be a Victim! You can always find the ongoing series playlist here.

Episode 7 – Rear Hostage Attack with a Handgun

How do you defend yourself when attacked with a handgun from behind?
Learn these vital self-defense and offense techniques by watching the seventh episode of our new defense training series.
This is Coach Jeremy Pollack from Inner Warrior Coaching. Watch how he masterfully teaches you about proper knife disarming techniques.
Bonus PDF: Rear Hostage Attack with a Handgun

As always, the full self-defense course series of ‘Don’t Be a Victim’ can be FOUND HERE.

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