Video Study Finds Kids From Houses With Guns Will Keep Hands Off

March 2, 2016 / Comments (0)

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Child with gun photo credit: US Concealed Carry

A recent video has shown what us “common sensers” have known all along: If you teach your kids about guns and firearms safety, they won't pick one up and start shooting other kids. In fact, those kids who have been talked to about guns, will stay away from them because they know how dangerous one can be in the wrong hands.
A recent study had placed eight pre-school and kindergarten aged children in a room with a real, but unloaded and completely safe gun. One of the children found the handgun in just 15 seconds, and soon, a total of six of the uneducated children began to pass it around.
The video shows one moment where a mother was visibly shaken, as her daughter had the firearm pointed at her, and a boy was actually pulling the trigger trying to shoot her.
Click here to watch the video.
The two children who didn't touch the firearm, as the video points out, are kids who actually have guns in their house. Kudos to the parents for teaching them about guns, even though it is something that we should all be doing, regardless of our gun-owning status.
Still, the liberal media and gun-grabbers can only spin this one way. They'll say something along the lines of: The guns shouldn't be made accessible for the kids to begin with, we must take the guns away to prevent a child from ever accidentally shooting someone.
To that, my response would be: Why, yes! That makes all of the sense in the world! Because why on earth would you ever want to take ownership in something? Why would you ever want to make sure that your child knows not to pick up the gun? (Insert Sarcasm)
Here's a novel idea, instead of trying to take the guns away from people who, obviously teach their children about firearms safety, try to teach your own children about guns so that they stay away from them to begin with. That way, if they ever happen to find a loaded weapon, they won't point it at each other, pulling the trigger.
After all, guns aren't the evil. Bad people are the evil. We all have our job to do when it comes to teaching others about firearms safety. And, the younger we can teach our children, the better off we'll all be. Here is a link to the original article and video.
What do you think? Does this prove that children can be taught about firearms safety? Let us know in the comments below. 

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