Idiots! Would You Let This Poor, Drunk Lady Smack Herself With A Revolver?

July 13, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments It's that time again, folks. The time when we analyze a video drunk lady or someone doing some stupid crap that they shouldn't have been. This next video has...

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Firearm Instructor Certification Training Course Part 1 of 4 (HANDGUN DRILLS)

July 12, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments The secret to making over $10,000 a month is staring right at you, just behind (the right end) of your gun. Have you ever considered becoming a certified...

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The American Sniper Rifles: Rifles Used By American Sniper Chris Kyle

May 24, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments Meet the American Sniper Rifles used by American Sniper Chris Kyle here in this new episode of Everything Guns by Amy Jane! RELATED: Sniper Rifle Facts | 5...

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Keanu Reeves Shoots A 3-Gun Course, And His Stance On Gun Control

May 3, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments Keanu Reeves has absolutely lit up the internet with his 3-gun shooting course video. Let's find out his stance on gun control. RELATED: Alaska Hunting Laws...

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Idiots With Guns: No Backstop Edition [Video]

April 10, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments Don't be like these idiots with guns in this video and take it as a lesson instead on how you can do it right. RELATED: Stupid People With Guns: How NOT To...

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Why You Need To Keep Your Mouth Shut After A Defensive Gun Use

April 9, 2023 I absolutely love defensive gun uses. Click Here To See The Comments Each time a DGU takes place, I imagine that some small part of a progressive liberal croaks under the weight of its own...

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Have You Ever Seen A 4200 Yard Shot?

April 4, 2023 Have You Ever Seen A 4200 Yard Shot? Click Here To See The Comments Have you ever heard of a 4,210-yard shot before? Most people haven't. Sadly, a lot of people can barely hit a target...

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How to Clean an AR | How to Clean AR

March 7, 2022 Click Here To See The Comments We've shown you how to clean a Glock, and today we're showing you step by step how to clean an AR assault rifle. RELATED: Rifle Shooting Tips & Techniques |...

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How to Shoot With Both Eyes Open 101: Why Should You Aim With Your Dominant Eye?

March 2, 2022 Click Here To See The Comments One very important skill to master is how to shoot with both eyes open. As humans, we have binocular vision. That's how we naturally see things. Closing...

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Best Apps For Gun Owners | Everything Guns Episode 8

July 15, 2019 Click Here To See The Comments Find the coolest apps for gun owners and shooters in this review by Amy Jane and download the best one for you. RELATED: The Best Free Smartphone Apps For...

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