5 Vintage Guns Every Gun Collector Should Consider

Vintage Guns Every Gun Collector Should Consider

Have you always been fascinated with guns and have grown to love them? If you're a collector, make sure you have these vintage guns in your collection!

Vintage Guns You Should Own, No Question

One of the great joys of being a gun collector is adding new and inventive firearms to your room.

You may not use every weapon in your collection every day, but the very act of collecting firearms allows you to appreciate the art that goes into creating them.

Vintage guns have even more history to appreciate.

They’re great buys since they provide a lot of context for how new firearms are created and are pieces of history you can keep in your home for all time.

Today, let’s break down the five vintage guns that every gun collector should consider for their next big purchase.

1. M1 Carbine

M1 Carbine | Vintage Guns Every Gun Collector Should Consider

The M1 Carbine is one of the most famous firearms in existence – it was mass-produced during World War II for use by United States soldiers.

Though it doesn’t possess a lot of stopping power, it’s a lightweight carbine that saw a lot of popularity due to its low recoil and durability and is extremely easy to use.

It’s chambered for .30 carbine cartridges, which makes it a suitable choice for small-game hunting, like coyotes, hogs, and even some small deer.

The small size and lightweight also make an ideal choice for smaller frame shooters like young adults or women.

2. Winchester Model 1873


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The “gun that won the West” deserves a place in any vintage gun collector’s cabinet.

It’s an excellent lever-action rifle that boasts a phenomenal aesthetic and fantastic durability.

Chances are that any Winchester Model 1873 you run across will still work with a little refurbishment.

Because of these factors, such weapons are often worth up to $1000 or even higher.

3. Colt M1911


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The Colt M1911 is another stable US firearm that is arguably the most well-used sidearm in US military history, as it was in officers' holsters from 1911 to 1986.

That’s right. This model of firearm saw action in both World Wars and later conflicts like the Korean and Vietnam wars.

Such pistols are light, sturdy, and today are worth upwards of $1500. This is partly because of their rareness.

Most of these weapons are passed down from retired veterans of some of the above wars, so many are now family heirlooms.

4. Luger

Luger | Vintage Guns Every Gun Collector Should Consider

The German counterpart to the staple American sidearm continues to impress in vintage gun collections across the world.  This is partly because of how most of these weapons came to America.

In fact, they were trophies that US soldiers brought back from their wartime victories.

Even besides this aspect, Lugers possess a unique aesthetic that hasn’t really been replicated anywhere else. Expect to find these only for high prices upwards of $2000 or so.

5. M1-Garand


There are few military rifles that have achieved as much notoriety and reputation for greatness as the M1-Garand.

It was the staple rifle for WWII but continued as a workhorse rifle all the way until 1957.

Even today, some auxiliary military units have legitimate M1-Garands on hand in case they’re needed.

These choice rifles are extremely reliable, have good penetrating/stopping power, and can be easily maintained with modern tools.

Grab one of these and you’ll know exactly what a World War II G.I. carried into Europe.

How to Get Vintage Firearms?

All of these choice weapons might eventually find their way in your collection. There are several ways you can locate vintage firearms these days.

Military surplus stores often have some of the American guns listed above.

You can also find lots of great vintage firearms at gun shows or auctions – this is where a lot of the family heirloom weapons end up.

Just be prepared to spend quite a bit of money on many of these guns. They’re great buys, but they come with high price tags!

Which vintage gun from this list are you eyeing on? Tell us why in the comments section!

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