3 Easy Tips To Weatherproof Your Guns

3 easy tips to weatherproof your guns

Anyone who’s spent time in extreme weather with their guns knows that bad effects cold temperatures and rain can have on your rifle.
Water can damage your guns, causing corrosion, rust, and other negative effects on your weapons.
Even if you buy a rifle that is made for “all weather”, the effects of extreme weather are still hard to avoid.
With a few easy tips, you can fight back against weather damage and keep your guns in working order no matter where you go.
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1. The Basics – Keep Your Gun Oiled To Prevent Corrosion

This one seems like a no brainer. Keep your gun clean and well maintained with some basic gun oil or oil wipes. With the exception of the bore, you want to oil all surfaces of the barrel and action. If done often, this will do a lot to prevent damaging corrosion. Check out these tips for oiling your guns!

2. Use Muzzle Tape To Protect Your Bore

Use some electrical tape to keep your bore protected. Keeping your bore taped to prevent damage won’t effect your shot, either. The tape comes right off when you fire and your shot fires completely straight with no effect on the accuracy. Just be sure not to oil your bore as that will effect your accuracy. Here’s how to tape your bore-


3. Use Lip Balm On Your Scope Mount Screws

This is a little known trick- cover the mount screws with lip balm after mounting your scope. The balm fills the space in the head of the screw and keeps water away from the metal. This combats rust even better than oil, and lip balm comes off easily when you clean your gun.
What tricks do you use to weatherproof your guns?
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9 Responses to :
3 Easy Tips To Weatherproof Your Guns

  1. peter says:

    the old condom over the rifle barrel keeps the bad stuff out just like for short arm inspections, it keeps your partner safe.

    1. Lou says:

      Use a finger cot vice a condom for a better fit.
      A finger cot (also finger frock or finger stall, informally finger condom) is a medical supply used to cover one or more fingers in situations where a full glove is unnecessary. Like medical gloves, finger cots may be made from a variety of water-tight materials including latex, nitrile rubber, or vinyl.

  2. Dominic Delia says:

    Don’t care what anyone says, WD40 prevents rust the best of anything! Do this test, Take two plain steel 20d nails and wipe them with alcohol to get all oil off them, then spray just one nail with WD40 and let it dry. Take two dixie cups and put salt water in each one, make sure its the same mixture of salt and water in each cup. Place a nail NOT treated with WD40 in one and the TREATED nail in the other and let them set for a week, checking them each day. You can try this test with any other gun oil you want and WD40 will win, hands down! Nuff Said!

  3. Chris says:

    Froglube…easy to apply, cleans, lubricates, protects, makes removing carbon a simple wipe off affair.

  4. Harley Rider says:

    instead of tape use a condom, that is what the Army used in Vietnam.

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