WEIRD NEWS: Woman Finds Shark Carcass in Front Yard

October 28, 2013 / Comments (7)



No, it wasn’t dropped by a real-life Sharknado.

An Alabama woman said she awoke after severe flooding in her neighborhood to find the waters had receded and left behind an unusual item — a shark.

Whitney Constantine said the flood waters in the driveway of her Mobile home were knee-deep Monday and she awoke Tuesday, after the waters receded, to find the shark carcass in her front yard.

Constantine told WALA-TV heavy rains often bring floods around her home, but Monday’s storm was the first time the waters had gotten so deep — and the first time they left a shark behind.

The resident said her husband is planning to bury the shark carcass.

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WEIRD NEWS: Woman Finds Shark Carcass in Front Yard

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