WEIRD NEWS: Witch Sues Warlock For Harassment

October 30, 2013 / Comments (3)



A Salem witch in Massachusetts is suing a warlock, claiming he harassed her with late night phone calls and disparaging online comments over the course of three years.

Lori Sforza, who identifies as a witch priestess and operates under the business name Lori Bruno, is suing the self-proclaimed “world’s best-known warlock” Christian Day, AP reports.

The 75-year-old woman claims 45-year-old Day from Louisiana called and swore at her from a private number and also posted malicious comments about her on social media.

Sforza’s lawyer, Fiore Porreca, says his client lost customers at her witchcraft shop as a result of the harassment.

“She’s being abused, intimidated and harassed,” he told AP.

Day’s lawyer declined to comment.

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WEIRD NEWS: Witch Sues Warlock For Harassment

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