What Is The Best Hunting Bow For Hunting Apprentices?

What is the best hunting bow

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Every novice bow hunter can become overwhelmed when choosing the right hunting bow. Flooded with options, brands, and even styles, this can lead to confusion and frustration. Factors to consider can make it even more difficult to decide,. like quality and price.

I strongly advise not to get an expensive bow if you're just new to hunting. You can always start with some entry-level bow that will not cost you an arm and a leg. So what is the best hunting bow for newbies like you?

To find out, scroll down and check this awesome and very informative video review from ArcheryTalk that will serve as your guide in choosing the appropriate hunting bow.

What Is The Best Hunting Bow For Hunting Apprentices?

There are a lot of bow hunters who are cautious when it comes to the price tags of these bows. As a seasoned outdoorsman and a hunter, I have encountered a lot of bow hunters and most archers I know, both experienced and newbies, don't want to pay for flagship prices.

Spending a fortune just to have the right bow is unnecessary, especially if you're new to hunting or archery. There are entry-level bow hunting packages that you can choose from. So on that note, check out this video review and have detailed info on what is the best hunting bow for apprentices like you.

Hit play to start the video below –or watch it [here]!

 Check out the bows included in this video review and choose the perfect one for you!

Diamond Edge SB-1

The Diamond Edge SB-1 is the most affordable bow on this list. You can get one of these bows for only $400. The accessories on this bow are just basic. Gang adjustments on the sight are easy to make.

The quiver and the full containment rest are effective despite their simplicity.

archery 2 pb

Novice archers won't have a hard time drawing this bow back and can definitely be your go-to hunting bow. The only setback this bow has is the fit and finish.

The string and loop material can be unreliable because it is prone to splitting. It comes in three different colors –purple blaze, black, and mossy oak break-up country camel.

Bowtech Fuel

The Bowtech Fuel has a suggested retail price of about $500. It has a draw length ranging from 18-30 inches and has a draw weight of 14-70 pounds.

It has the accessories every new archer needs. The package comprises a camel quiver and a full containment rest.

archery 3 pb
This bow is easy to pull back and once you're in full draw it feels feathery light to hold. Although there are a few minor setbacks. the string and loop material is not that durable. It has a rated speed of 320 feet per second IBO.

PSE Stinger X

For $450 dollars, you can get one of these PSE Stinger X. It comes with a whisker biscuit rest that is easy to adjust, three-pin sight, and five-era quivers.

The draw cycle for this solo cam bow is firm. Once at full draw, it feels that the touch is jumpy if you not are pulling strongly into the wall.

archery 4 pb

It can be difficult to hold at full draw for long stretches of time. But the finish of this bow is impressive. It comes in 5 different colors. It has a rated speed of 308 feet per second IBO.

Quest Forge

The Quest Forge is the second most expensive bow on this list. You can get it for $530. It has the best accessories from all the bows on this list.

The individual pins on its sight move very fluidly and it also comes with a light. The G5 headlock quiver is crafted well and looks perfect with a matching camel. It has a solid G5 full containment rest.

archery 7 pb
This bow has a smooth draw and it is comfortable to hold for an extended period of time which is a good leverage in hunting. The fit and finish of this bow are exceptional considering its price range.

Bear Threat

At $600, the Bear Threat is the most expensive bow on this list. And with a price like that, the accessories in this bow are absolutely great. It has a whisker biscuit rest that is easy to adjust. The sight pins are very easy to position and the sight comes with a light.

It also comes with an excellent trophy ridge quiver. Drawing this bow is a bit harder as compared to the other bows on this list but definitely the fastest. At full draw, you may need to exert more energy but you'll have good groups once you get used to it.

The fit and finish of the Bear Threat is nothing but impressive. A flat black bow matched with an orange and red bow string caught my eyes.

For me, the combination is perfect –the whole nine yards. Plus, this is also the fastest bow on this list with a rated speed of 330 feet per second IBO.

archery 9 pb

We can never deny that archery and bow hunting are on the rise nowadays that's also the reason why more manufacturers are coming up with a variety of awesome bows that we can choose from.

Flagship bows are every bow hunter's dream but it's not necessary to choose an expensive bow particularly if you're just a newbie. As you progress, your gears will eventually be upgraded to fit your skill level.

But for now, there are entry-level packages that will serve as an exceptional weapon whenever you're out hunting. Penny for thoughts? Tell us what you think about this review by dropping your two cents in the comments below.

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