What to Know When Buying a Used Gun

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January 26, 2022 / Comments (2)

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Buying a used gun is like buying a pair of shoes–you should never buy what doesn't fit you. And while buying a new gun may already be stressful, looking for a second-hand gun is another story. Clearly, the overall condition of the gun would matter the most since we're talking about convenience and safety here.

Nonetheless, there are so many used guns out there that could work like a rock star especially if you know the things you need to look for and what not to. If you're quite lost on what to do, you're definitely in good hands, buddy. Below are some quick tips and tricks for buying a used gun that could work perfectly for you:

The Market Price of the Gun

Before looking for a bargain, always know the basics first. Since we’re talking about buying a used gun here, you can never be too trusty on the sellers even if they may seem legit. Firstly, what type of gun are you looking for? Secondly, how much does it cost out in the market?

If the price offer is too good to be true, there might be something wrong. See, there’s always a reason why gun owners sell their gun. If, for instance, you think that the price is too low, check for the condition first.

Maybe it’s fake, broken or stolen—you’ll never know unless you do your homework and check the gun and its background. If you want to be extra sure about buying a used gun, you can join forums and ask questions from expert gun users. Ask, always ask!

Examine the Overall condition of the Gun

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Your criteria for judging whether the gun is worthy of every dime you’d shell out or not also depends on the type of gun you’re looking for. Basically, long guns are less likely to be worn out than handguns. Nonetheless, whatever model you’re eyeing for, always examine the piece carefully by taking all of these pointers into consideration:

  • The Physical Appearance: Are there dents, scratches or visible permanent markings? If you think the gun looks like it’s too worn out, scratch it off your list because it most probably is.
  • Not Too Loose, Not too Tight: Just because the gun looks handsome, it already means it a GO! If you’re using it, but you feel that you need to exert extra effort to maneuver it, it’s definitely a no-no. Conversely, the stock and grips should not be too loose as well.
  • Modified Guns: It’s hard to buy a modified gun, especially if there is no written history of the modifications made for it. For all you know, you might be buying an overused gun that only looks terrific because of the modifications. To make sure that you are on the right path, ask the owner for documentation.
  • The Out-of-Place Screws: If the screws are jiggering up, it’s a complete sign that an amateur has been playing with it. If the screws are out of place, what more can go wrong?
  • The Trigger and Action: Firstly, the action of the gun should be smooth, and it should be able to lock up easily and firmly. Also, the trigger must neither be too light nor too heavy.

Buy from Legit Sellers

Lastly, look for mainstream sellers that have a good reputation for selling guns. Nonetheless, do not forget to be cautious. Not because they’re reputable, it already means that you shouldn’t scrutinize the gun. After all, it’s still a used gun.

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What to Know When Buying a Used Gun

  1. jerry says:

    “Not because they’re reputable, it already means that you shouldn’t scrutinize the gun. After all, it’s still a used gun.” ?

    Makes little sense.

  2. George Andersen Skokan says:

    I think it means that the fact that the business is legitimate and has a good reputation is not a reason to skip inspecting the gun. All used merchandise should be checked out.

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