Ammunition Shortage Is No April Fools Joke

Feature | Ammunition Shortage Is No April Fools Joke

Back in January, I wrote an article expressing just how hard it was for me to find ammunition for the brand-new handgun my wife surprised me with.

As much as I wish this was an April Fools joke, it's not. It seems like the ammunition shortage has only gotten worse.

I snapped the image to the right from a local Walmart ammo shelf (the same store that the image from the previous article came from).

There is even less ammunition on the shelf, in fact, it seems that the only thing left in good supply is the 12 gauge shotgun shells.

The scary part is, it isn't just private citizens that are having trouble getting ANY ammunition… Check out this article from a few days ago featured on FOX

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Why Ammunition Shortage Is a Bad Thing!

Why Ammunition Shortage Is a Bad Thing! | Ammunition Shortage Is No April Fools Joke

Ammunition Shortage Affecting Law Enforcement

OSHKOSH – A national shortage on some types of gun ammunition is having a major impact.

Private citizens are paying premium prices for limited supplies.

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And some law enforcement agencies are waiting months for shipments as manufacturers struggle to meet demand.

Forty calibers, nine millimeters, .223 and .308. All types of gun ammunition that is in short supply and cost buyers a premium.

“It's borderline horrible,” said Jon Gafner, owner of Jon's Sports Shop in Oshkosh. He says the shortage is hurting the average gun owner.

“They just want to go to the range on the weekend and shoot a box of shells and they can't buy them.”

Gafner says talk of new gun and ammunition restrictions in Washington, D.C. are causing the shortage. Gafner says gun shops are selling out of ammunition as soon as they get it in stock. And private gun owners aren't the only ones facing a shortage.

The Town of Menasha Police Department says it can't get enough ammunition for the department's AR-15 assault rifles. The Winnebago County Sheriff's Department says it has enough ammunition for now.

“We're looking at a six to eight-month backup on some of the ammunition,” said Lt. Darin Rice of the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department.

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Lt. Rice says the department currently pays $12.20 for 50 rounds of 40 caliber handgun ammo and $10.06 for 20 rounds of AR-15 ammunition. But he expects when the state negotiates a new contract for participating law enforcement agencies this summer, that backup will also come with a higher price tag.

“Different vendors I have talked to told me they anticipate an increase in the cost of ammunition in the near future.”

Both Gafner and Lt. Rice say the increases could reach 10-15 percent.

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This must be a major pain in the rear for police and vendors, but the truth is it doesn't have to be a pain for you.

Check out this new report on ammunition reloading and learn how you can make sure you are never out of ammo, even when the police are.

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Watch this video from Student of the Gun on ammunition shortage, lesson learned, for more insights:

It now seems that the shortage of ammo is gradually ending but this doesn't mean this is not going to happen again. With the gun control issues confronting the gun industry, that might be sooner or later. But don't panic just yet.

There are more simple ways around it, including the tips from the related articles we have here. You can buy bulk ammunition or simply buy a box or two when you go to the ammunition depot or store and you will be surprised with an ammo storage fully stocked over time.

What's your take on this gun ammunition shortage? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on April 1, 2013, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

31 Responses to :
Ammunition Shortage Is No April Fools Joke

  1. govtrumbull says:

    Due to Obama’s Department of Homeland Security buying 1.6 billion round of ammunition, even our Military are having problems procuring small arms ammunition. I was in Scheel’s and Cabela’s last Thursday. Cabela’s had some Golden Saber .45 ACP, no 40 S&W, 9 MM, 38 Auto or .22 long rifle. Scheel’s had no handgun at all except for two boxes of .45 ACP practice ammo at $49.95 per box. One sold while I was talking to the salesman, and I turned around to grab the other box and that one was gone too!

    The lesson here is when you are looking at your favorite ammo anywhere, buy the limit. The same goes for food storage, because the Federal agencies are buying as much food as they can.

    The idea is to make us dependent on “Big Brother” as possible when the time is right. If you haven’t started, or are just beginning to store food, ammo, water, fuel and other supplies, lay in as much food, ammo, and other life sustaining supplies as you can. Aso buy things that you can use to barter. One item to put away is cigarettes. Hooked smokers will take cigarettes in exchange for necessities. Cigarettes were a leading product of exchange in Germany after WWII ended.

    We are getting frighteningly close to some real rough times in America. Maybe it is time to sel that extra vehicle and other luxuries; e.g., toys; that you don’t use that much and put the proceeds into survival necessities. We are going to need them, because Obsms is planning his “fundamental tansformation” of America, and it isn’t going to be a pleasure cruise.

    1. TNUGA says:

      Sorry, but the shortage has almost nothing to do with the DHS purchases; it’s due to all of us gun owners 9and then new ones) buying so much since the election.

      1. Patriot-Research says:

        Wrong, man do people have short memories…last April and May 2012 DHS and the Gun Grab groups (Dem / Communist) said if they can’t get the guns they are going to get the Ammo, and guess what, they are getting the Ammo! That’s what is really going on, along with all the alpha bit agencies plan to hit “We the People” and we all know what “HIT” means! If you don’t believe me, do your research, these plans are right on the Gov web-sites.

        1. Patriot-Research says:

          This sites web master is a commie! Blocks any real information being posted!

          1. Joe says:

            Now that’s not very nice!

      2. Guy Nevins says:

        Sorry, dude, I don’t buy that theory. We never had a problem buying ammo until the various lettered departments of the government ( DHS, IRS, ATFE, NWS, NOAA, ICE, etc. ) It is a well known fact that the media LIES to the people on a regular basis, using information given out by our current administration.

    2. Great Day says:

      There is no ammo shortage that’s just BS I have a friend and her Family works for Remington and they make ammo, and said that there’s millions of ammo but the company’s are setting on it in till they raise the price of ammo, it’s just another Gov. scam to get more Tax money.

      1. Mike says:

        OK dipstick, Remington is not owned by the government. and if they aren’t selling ammo to us civilians then there’s no taxes. So, not a gov tax scam. Remington and the big ammo mfg’s have contracts with the government and those contracts say that they (ammo mfg’s) will supply the government First. Before they sell to the general population. said contracts are about to be let any time now. so the mfg’s will know how much they need to supply to uncle sam. once that’s filled they will start releasing ammo to the people….unless DHS buys another 1.6 billion rounds this year too. and WE get FU@#ED again!!

  2. Stacy says:

    it makes me wonder what back door pressure the manufactures are getting with the administration’s desire to make the short shelf life ammo? Or because they are purchasing so much ammo right now? Manufactures have just so many employees, pumping out Billions of rounds for DHS could cause the other loaders to be under staffed. Heck, we can’t even get primers and powder to re-load. I know people are panic buying because they are worried about our out of control Government creating a situation of where they will only have the ammo, heck guns too. But to me I just cannot see how there is such a short supply unless it has something to do with the Government. If you trust them, you have your head so far in the sand you won’t be able to see them coming.

    1. Johnny Geetar says:

      To expound on your premise Stacey; ANY government that is both willing and prepared to cut off the supply of ammunition to a free people are also CAPABLE of cutting off food, water, and electricity on SAID people in order to foster compliance with their wishes.
      If they will take your ammo to control you, you can safely assume they will also starve you and leave you thirsty and in the dark to meet those same ends.
      Preparation is of the utmost gravity right now. We are running out of time, and a lot of really nice, but uninvolved people out there are about to pay a big price for failing to digest the changing circumstances around them…. I feel for them, but I am no longer in a position to divest valuable time trying to make them see what they REFUSE to see…… I feel we are in the final stages before the whole system comes crashing down. Every last dollar, every last bit of energy and time must now be devoted to providing the cover my family needs to hopefully outlive what will shortly befall all of us.

      1. I am on board wholeheartedly. People are waking up bit not fast enough. I know they will show ip at my door cold and hungry and weak. There is only so much I can do for those, at that point my family will take precedence. But fir now I am talking to who ever will listen.

        We dont have enough time or resources to completely outfit everuone completely, b
        if I can get my nwighbors to at least have extra blankets, a med kit, some water and food set aside, we will be in better shape than if there was no prep at all.

        Whats coming is going to be hell. Most people are in denial of how bad it will be eitjer because they cannot fathom ot or because they simply dont want to believe it is possible. You will never get thos people to give up there creature comforts and jump on board with prepping in a vengance. But you can convince them to be partially prepared under the guise of natural threats like weather. I started by buying my mom a dufflebag for a med kit and putting in a few starter items like an e-blanket, some alcohol swabs, bandaids and an ace bandage. A year later she has added to it like a squirell hiding nuts. She has included things like sunscreen, antibacterial lotion, adult amd children pain telievers and allergy meds, etc.

        We still have time to get those who are waking up a better shot than if they had no guidance at all. ‘Prepper’ has become a buzz word to reference extremists, causing maimstream to want to avoid inclusion. We just have to show them that prepping is nothing more than keeping your family safe and sound no matter what the threat.

  3. As far as reloading goes, you’re a month behind the curve. Brass is very scarce, as are gunpowders and primers. Look for backdoor restrictions on reloading supplies as soon as politicians figure out that this option will be explored by far more shooters than ever before.

    1. Barry Smith says:

      You are right they are WAY behind the curve on reloading. As far as brass and powder I can get pretty much all I need but primers are a different story altogether they are getting extremely hard to find if you do you better buy at minimum 20,000 LR, SR, LP, SP. I am finding a few Magnum primers but I do not shoot anything using magnum primers. And even the prices on primers are starting to go up not much yet but I am sure that is coming soon.

  4. ALAN18 says:

    I was talking to a guy that reloads, he has stock piles of supplies and won’t have to worry about restocking for a long time. Another thing this whole disaster is going to do is force ammo sales underground. People that reload are going to make a fortune and those buying will have to worry about quality and safety. Nothing good is going to come of any of this. Its forcing the public to distrust if not hate the government even more than ever. Nobody wants violence, but when you mess with the constitution, not to mention a mans god given right to protect himself and his family, then your looking for a possible uprising! God help us all!

  5. Jay says:

    Went to a local gun show recently. No shortage except for reloading stuff. You got the money, they got the ammo!
    30 round mag shortage? Plenty of those as well as 40 round ak mags.

  6. therulesofthegame says:

    answer is you don’t need a lot of ammo or a lot of guns. you can have a 1000 rounds saved, but if don’t survive the first fire fight, what good will it do you. if you do manage to make it then you go pry their weapons from their cold dead hands and take all their ammo. that’s how it done. it is all about surviving

    1. tk says:

      You’re right on it bro,way to think.Food for thought people-you have to exercise the brain as well as any other exercise you do.

  7. Eddie G. says:

    Forget reloading, I work in the biz that sells the equipment and getting powder,primers,brass,presses,dies,etc. is as bad as trying to find desired factory ammo. I get people who want everything needed to start reloading and just tell them wait’ll 2016 when we’re rid of Obama,’til then there’s nothing available to get you started,even the manuals sell out when we get a few in. You think liberals don’t own guns and aren’t in the shooting sports? You bet your sweet bippy they do and they howl the loudest when they can’t get the ammo they want. They really get torqued when you tell them they got what they voted for. Chuck Heston used to tell his liberal Hollywood friends the same thing. Californians are the worst,they come here to Nevada and try to get around their gun laws to buy a gun and they buy leaded ammo anytime they can get it. We let ’em buy the ammo but refuse to sell them a gun. It’s their laws and lawmakers they voted for,not ours here in Nevada. Boo Hoo!

  8. Lorene says:

    The Marine commander blamed it on the sequester, that’s probably what he was told, but if our glorious leader can give away millions in grants to study frogs, snails, snakes and whatever else, not to mention all the money he is pouring into other countries, there is no excuse. On the other hand, he wouldn’t need to find money somewhere, he could just dole out some of that ammunition he already has. He can’t possibly need it all to control the population.

  9. CaptTurbo says:

    The sad truth is that the ammo shortage is real and Walmart employees are not putting the good stuff on the shelf but instead buying it and re-selling at huge mark-up on

    I don’t know that this is the case in all stores but I know for a fact that it’s happening at my local store.

    1. Ricktide says:

      Funny the wall mart employees are doing the same thing here. working at a local gun shop i have seen simalar shortages over the years. especialy with primers. also with specific calibers of ammo. 30-30 , 35 rem, etc. But as soon as Obama went into office the first time our shelves started to go bare. we couldnt restock fast enough. When this whole prepper thing happened and poof our stock was sold out. and our suppliers can’t restock us. just dribs and drabs. I agree get what you can without killing your bank acount.Wait till the storm blows over, IT ALWAYS DOSE !

  10. thehammer says:

    i’d like to hear from Remington ,Winchester and some other manufactures and hear their take.are they selling loads to the government? why isn’t brass scrap prices going up ? 22lr has got me puzzeled,i’ve not seen ONE box of it at any Wal-Mart or other type store within 60 miles of were I live and cheaper than earth hardly has any.

  11. thehammer says:

    22lr in the last 2 months

  12. BarbG says:

    My husband has been reloading for a while. But right now it is next to impossible. Try finding powder and primers. If you do find them, you will break the bank. If it is used to manufacture ammo, GOOD LUCK.

  13. FreeLion says:

    My shooting buddies thought I was crazy in ’08 when I started stocking up on anything reloading as well as any ammo I could get my hands on. Now they think I’m a genIus. When the warning bell rings, you have to follow your gut. You can’t follow the crowd. They’ll just lead you to a site with empty shelves. IF we somehow dodge this freight train, I’m sure plenty of people will start to slowly stock up and quit laughing at those who had some foresight.

    1. Teufelhunden says:

      Ditto on what you said…hindsight is 20/20 🙂

  14. robert says:

    I work for a gun dealer who also sells reloading equipment. Problems: The parts to make ammunition like bullets, powder & primers…. well we can’t get them either. I reload .40 cal ammo for my pistol and the 10mm or 40 cal bullets which is the same diameter has been impossible to obtain.. Priomers…. we have been out of primers for three months now. Where is the logic?

  15. Ed says:

    Yesterday, I spoke with an acquaintance who owns a small ammo manufacturing company. He supplies most of the law enforcement agencies in the area. He told me that he has nothing to sell because he can’t get components. The major manufacturers have locked up all the components for their own use.

    Another individual told me that the majors were running round-the-clock shifts manufacturing for the government. The gov’t contracts are for delivery over time, but they require that the manufacturer be able to deliver on one-day notice. So the manufacturers have to stockpile millions of rounds just in case the gov’t calls and says ship it.

  16. Jim says:

    when millions of guns have been sold since Sandy Hook doesn’t it follow that all those guns need ammo? Everybody hits the store at once and bingo! Its been reported that the civilian market has bought around 25 BILLION rounds. Shortage? I’m finding ammo but boy you need a second mortgage to buy.

  17. Bick says:

    The truth as not to be rude ect all those 6 year old kids brutally killed !!!!!! Could have been legaly killed 6 years earlier at any planed parent hood clinic for 500 bucks. The Dems have no problem with that . GOD will and is judging this nation . I’m glad all of u preppers me too are getting ready for some rough going BUT u should always be in good standing with the LORD .

  18. ron says:

    johnny geeter, you hit the nail right on the head as did some others.
    it will be worse than most could possabily imagine.
    yep, control the food, control the water, keep ammo away from the
    free people the will fight for their rights and country.

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