Why Dog Hiking Boots Are Good For Man’s Best Friend

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January 6, 2017 / Comments Off on Why Dog Hiking Boots Are Good For Man’s Best Friend

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How important are dog hiking boots?  If you hike with your dog often or most of the time, you gotta think how this affects his paws.  Dog paws are as sensitive as human feet so try to imagine yourself walking barefoot for hours.  If you look at your dog walking you don't really see him hurt, but as you go farther and deeper into the trail, they too feel pain as the pads on their paws do tear.  One of the most important gear that we should invest on before hitting the trail are hiking boots.  We do this because we need the best footwear to protect our feet and prevent it from getting injured– our pets need the same protection too.

Why Dog Hiking Boots Are Good For Man's Best Friend

A lot of us consider our dogs our best companion.  If you think about it, sixty days is already a year of a dog's life if you put it in dog years.  If your dog walks with you for three days, that's long enough time for him to actually feel the pain on his feet if they're unprotected.  That's how important dog hiking boots are, and that's exactly what your dog needs if you really care about him.  Whenever you go on a camping trip or when you're planning for a few days of hiking adventure, your dog doesn't have any idea where you're going or for how long.  His own hiking boots will surely be a great help and ease any potential soreness along the trip.

Dog Hiking Boots Outer Sole

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Ruffwear dog hiking boots are one of the best in the market.  This is what the outsole of a Ruffwear hiking boot looks like.  It's designed for great traction on most types of terrain.

First Time Wearing Boots

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Dogs walk really funny the first time wearing boots.  In time, they will get used to it and walk as if they don't have anything on their feet.  It's also good to associate wearing boots with fun activities so you don't have a hard time putting them on.

Hiking Boots Are Very Useful To Protect Dog's Feet

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Walking on all kinds of rough terrain and hot surfaces, jumping on boulders can be pretty hard on your dog's paws.  Hiking footwear ultimately helps prevent the wear and tear from long strenuous hikes.


Watch this video of Ruff Wear dog hiking boots.

You should be convinced by now how much your dog needs this type of protection.  When you're hiking in desert areas like Utah or Nevada, the trail can be very hot for your dog. That's why dog hiking boots are necessary to protect your dog's paws for hikes like these.

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