Why It’s A Bad Idea To Put A Gun In The Trash

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Seeing a gun in the trash is not something you encounter more often. But this disposing of a firearm can mean real trouble even if it's no longer functional.

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Gun in the Trash | What You Can Do if You Find One

Throwing a Gun in the Trash

Can you throw a gun in the trash? It may not be inherently illegal to put a gun in a trash can to get rid of, but it is not an advised method of disposing of a gun. Gun Trash on floor

There are a lot of other options out there, should you ever find yourself with a gun that you no longer want. As usual, it pays to know your local and state firearms laws before you do anything to get rid of a gun.

Make it a point to choose from any of these options if you ever find a gun in a trash can.

1. Bring It to the Police

The first thing you can do, if you have a gun that you absolutely don't want anyone to have, is bring it to the police. Sadly, more often than not, they'll destroy it. But, it's a better option than putting it in the trash for some kid or criminal to find.

2. Look for a Registered FFL Shop

The second thing is to bring it to a registered FFL shop. The gun you've got could be worth some money.

There is almost no such thing as a worthless gun. Even the gun's components are worth something to someone.

Even if it is broken beyond repair, there are parts of it that function. $20 in your pocket is better than putting it out on the street.

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3. Know the Laws in Your State About Gun Sale

The third thing is to sell it to someone following the gun laws in your state. If you don't know the laws in your state regarding transfers, you need to find them out because each state is different, and it isn't something we can really talk about here.

4. Have It Fixed

Finally, why don't you want the gun anymore? If it's no longer functional, find someone who can fix it.

Most of the time, the issues are small and easy to fix. So, throwing it out is not a good idea because you can easily have a working gun on your hands.

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If you don't want it, just because, someone else can make use of it.

Check out this video from Forgotten Weapons about how a garbage gun destroyed a good company:

Throwing a gun in the trash, or putting it out on the street is not really a good idea, even if it isn't illegal in your state. Make sure you get rid of it the right way, to cover yourself.

After all, if your gun is ever used in a crime, it may end up back in your direction. It's going to be one heck of a problem for you if this happens.

Always think of the consequences of your actions to avoid unwanted circumstances.

What can you say about these options for disposing of a gun? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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