Why Solar Storms are So Dangerous

November 25, 2013 / Comments (2)


Solar storms… what are they and why are they so dangerous?

We’ve talked about solar storms before, and how if a big one hits we’ll only have a matter of hours to prepare before the grid goes completely down.

It can be a scary thought…but the key to being prepared is to be informed.

The video below from the Science Channel explains what solar storms are, what causes them, and what affect they could have on our power grid and our world.

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Why Solar Storms Are So Dangerous

The effect of a super solar storms on the earth is similar to an electromagnetic pulse attack. The power grid will fail from the impact and as a result, we will have no electricity running along the power lines. We all know how it feels like when a power outage occurs; this is the time when we realize how important electricity can be. Almost all things that we use for daily living depend on the power grid. From your home’s lighting system to the fridge, the water heater and even the stove right down to the TVs, computers, phones and other handheld devices.

At this juncture, the best way to prepare is to have an alternative source of power like a solar power setup or a power generator. This way you can still use all your electrical appliances and devices.

Your disaster preparedness supplies will be put to good use in case our planet gets hit with one of the solar storms. Food and water are always essential. The other emergency supplies like first aid kit, medicines, household necessities and even some cash will be just as important. Your home defense weapons may also come in handy as it is possible that your may become a target for those who did not prepare.

Like always, getting ready for the unexpected events like solar storms will ensure your survival.

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Why Solar Storms are So Dangerous

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