Is a Shotgun the best Survival Tool?

December 19, 2019 / Comments (0)

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For an All Around Survival Tool an 18 Inch Smooth Bore with Iron Sites is Hard to Beat.

Commentary: Click Here to listen to the audio Podcast ( in a popup).  Jack Spirko from the survival Podcast gives his view on the “ultimate” survival gun.  I for one do not agree that a shotgun is the best survival weapon, It definitely has an intimidation factor for home defense, the sound a shotgun makes when you cock it does after all transcend all language barriers, but other than that, they are loud and heavy and the ammo is bulky.  What do you consider to be the best gun for survival?

For an All Around Survival Tool an 18 Inch Smooth Bore with Iron Sites is Hard to Beat. Every day I hear from people who are worried that society will break down.  Some fear it will be a big old TEOTWAWKI and others are more concerned about a regional SHTF scenario where they may be on their own for perhaps a few days to a few weeks. Most of these people are considering some sort of semi auto rifle with the two most prominent of course being the AR or AK platform.  Often they are considering the AK because […]

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