Wildfire Danger | When A Campfire Becomes a Disaster

Wildfire Danger feature

August 31, 2015 / Comments (9)


Any true survivalist or camping enthusiast knows the importance of fire safety.

When proper precautions aren’t taken, even a small campfire can turn into a raging inferno destroying everything in its path. Once they start, wildfires are hard to extinguish and contain, and can spread rapidly.

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Hundreds of lives and homes are destroyed by these disasters every year.

Most recently, a small campfire got out of control and ignited a wildfire on the Utah-Idaho border. Read an excerpt from the news report below, and see the full article here.

The blaze started Thursday night when a campfire spread out of control and scorched the surrounding area, authorities said.

Smoke from the wildfire was reported by Clarkston residents, and Cache County, Utah, and Forest Service firefighters were deployed to the area.

A firefighting helicopter was also called in and by Saturday the Forest Service was reporting the fire had been contained.

The Forest Service said in a press release that because of major wildfires elsewhere in the state and nation, its resources for fighting wildfires locally have been stretched thin… Read more here.

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Wildfire Danger | When A Campfire Becomes a Disaster

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