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June 14, 2017 / Comments (2)

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The Windham Weaponry HBC/MPC rifle offers a wide range of benefits in the AR platform. Expect nothing but the best from a highly recognized company in the AR industry.

Windham Weaponry HBC/MPC AR-15 Rifles

When a firearm is gaining popularity in law enforcement, it means it is notably reliable and has considerable advantages in serving its purpose. The Windham Weaponry HBC/MPC is designed for serious tactical duty guaranteed to deliver in every situation. The HBC and MPC models are basically the same in all aspects except one have a slightly bigger barrel than the other. I will be referring to both rifles as I move on so don't confuse yourselves with the difference between the two. HBC stands for Heavy-Barrel Carbine which has a thicker steel barrel compared to the MPC.


Gun Specs

This 16-inch barrel rifle shoots .223 and 5.56mm calibers. It operates semi-automatic and features a 30-shot magazine capacity. It has adjustable sights, 6-position telescoping buttstock, and a hard coat black anodize finish. Like most M4 style rifles, it also has a detachable carry handle and M4 style handgrips. The overall weight of this firearm is 6.9 to 7.5 lbs determined by the thickness of its barrel – HBC or MPC.

Ease of Use and Performance

Ease of Use and Performance | Windham Weaponry HBC/MPC | Gun Carrier Rifle Reviews

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This Windham Weaponry rifle has terrific accuracy for a patrol gun. I emptied four magazines at a distance of 100 yards and every shot was perfect without a single misfire. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to test the MPC, but the HBC had a surprisingly low recoil enhanced by the added weight on the barrel. As far as durability is concerned, both the upper and lower receivers are made from 7075-T6 aluminum and hard coat anodized finish. This rifle can take heavy punishment and will still work.

Pros and Cons

Although the MPC model already proves excellent performance, the heavy barrel design brings a few more advantages to the rifle. Apart from reducing the recoil due to the added weight, it also helps stabilize the muzzle after every shot, which allows the shooter to take the next shot easier and faster. The buttstock can be adjusted in 6 different lengths benefiting shooters of different statures. I also like how Windham Weaponry used chrome-lined bolts assuring reliability down to this detail. On the contrary, the company could've done better than utilizing the old M4 style handguard, but this is just a minor thing.

Overall Verdict and Price

Wouldn't you agree this is one of the best deals for a tactical rifle? The purchase includes a black hard-plastic case at a price of more or less $1090. It's a superb tactical rifle any gun enthusiast would recommend if he/she is looking for an AR with the best quality. It's great for home defense and the perfect weapon to fight zombies with 30 rounds of powerful ammunition!


Watch this video of a Windham Weaponry HBC shooting in the range:

The barrel enhancement on the HBC is done to improve the firearm's performance, but it doesn't mean this version is better than the old M4 barrel. I believe it's just a matter of personal preference as to which balance feels better for the shooter. I can deal with the extra weight of the heavy barrel carbine yet some may prefer a lighter gun carry. But don't get me wrong, these rifles are equally badass for me.

What can you say about the Windham Weaponry HBC/MPC? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in August 2015 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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